15 Unusual Mother's Day Gifts UK under £40!

Is your mum a superhero who deserves something extra special this Mother's Day? Do you want to find her something individual for Mother’s Day?

15 Unusual Mothers Day Gifts UK Under £40

Are you looking for a unique gift that doesn't break the bank? I'm going to share with you my Top 15 Unusual Mother's Day Gifts (UK) Under £40

I'll be sharing gifts I've brought and loved, alongside well-reviewed gifts I've found along the way. I hope this article helps you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your super-mum.

Don’t settle for the usual flowers, card and chocolates. Whether you're looking for a personalised item, a keepsake, an activity, or just something unusual and utterly bizarre to make mum smile, it's all right here on my list.

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent which means it varies slightly each year. Mother’s Day 2021 in the UK falls on Sunday the 14th of March.

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Here’s a quick look at my...

Top 15 Unusual Gifts for Mother’s Day (UK) Under £40

In no particular order...

  1. How It Works: The Mum, Ladybird Book

  2. Mum's Medicine Wine Bottle Stop

  3. 2-in-1 Face Massager

  4. Personalised Face Pillow

  5. Letterbox Cheese Taster Box

  6. Indoor Allotment

  7. Pill Pot Tea Mug

  8. Gin Puzzle

  9. Adopt a Penguin

  10. Recipe Journal by Moleskine (my personal favourite)

  11. Bungee Jump Experience

  12. Wellington Boot Family Print

  13. Grow Your Own Bonsai

  14. Personalised Mesh Shopping Bag

  15. Personalised Makeup Bag


How It Works: The Mum, Lady Bird Book for Grownups

If your mum likes a good laugh, then this book is for her! With sarcastic, dry-humoured, tongue-in-cheek scenes on life as a mother, most mums can relate and have a good chuckle! Take a look inside the book on Amazon and you'll see the type of humour I mean. At under £7 this would make a great addition to your mum's gifts.


Mum’s Medicine Novelty Wine Bottle Stopper

At around £6, this fun novelty gift makes for a perfect fun addition to mum's Mother's day gifts. I want one myself that says 'Jen's Night Nurse.' Mum can put her feet up, grab a glass and enjoy a tipple, all whilst keeping her 'medicine' fresh for longer.


2-in-1 Face Massager

A winning gift for under £20; Firstly, this is a stunning-looking product with its gold features and crystal-style cut massage heads. Secondly, this product has thousands of high star reviews, meaning happy customers. The set includes a 3D roller face massager and T-shaped head electrical facial device.

Add an AA battery (not included), and these massagers come to life at up to 6000 vibrations per minute. The vibrations help tighten skin, stimulate blood circulation and remove wrinkles and dark circles*. It's portable and waterproof, perfect for at home or on the go. Help mum to feel good with this 2-in-1 massager.


Personalised Face Pillow

My mush on a cush pillows

I purchased two similar pillows last year for my wife. They have pictures of our cats on and she loves them!

Add your mum's favourite 'mush on a cush', maybe yours, the grandchild's or like me, a pet!

The pillow comes ready stuffed, has edge to edge printing and is easy to wash and iron. It also comes in two different sizes with the cost ranging between £15 and £21.


Letter Box Cheese Taster Box from Buyagift.co.uk

Letterbox Cheese Gift

If, like me, your mum loves cheese, then this gift from Buy a Gift is a winner! For a modest £25, your mum will receive a box including of three kinds of cheese of varying flavours from around the world, as well as homemade relish and biscuits. It'll be delivered straight to her door, perfect for lockdown Mother's day.

I ordered a similar gift for my wife's lockdown birthday which also included wine, like this cheese and wine hamper from Buy A Gift.


Indoor Allotment Gift Set Herb Garden

Bring the outdoors indoors in a miniature style for around £30. Your mum can grow three different types of herbs behind a cute mini picket fence. This handmade item has taken a standard gift idea and cleverly turned it into something amusing and unique.

Three miniature plant pots sit behind the white picket fence. The shed functions too, the door and roof both open, handy for storing spare seeds! Also included are three soil pellets that expand to three times the size and three packets of seeds: coriander, basil, and oregano.

The allotment dimensions are H:19 x W:42 x D:15.5cm, perfect for displaying on a window seal.


Prescription Pill Bottle Mug

Does your mum love a good laugh? If so, this might be the perfect gift for her! This hilarious 'Prescription Coffee' mug will put a smile on her face as she takes the first sip of her morning coffee, for just a little over £15. With prescription-style lines on the label such as 'drink one mug by the mouth, repeat until awake and alert', this gift is just what the doctor ordered!

This painted ceramic 300 ml mug is hand-wash only to keep the detail intact, but I'd say well worth the time washing up for the smiles it will bring.


Gin Jigsaw Puzzle

Calling all Gin-loving mothers! When completed, this puzzle displays a chart of gin drinks, which ingredients are in them, including botanicals and spices, as well as gin facts; a brilliant idea for a puzzle!

With 500 pieces, she'll have 2 or more hours of relaxing fun putting the puzzle together. At approximately £30 that's £10-15 per hour of fun, not bad! Why not get her a gin gift set to go with the puzzle so she can sip away in style while she puzzles!


Adopt A Penguin

Someone, please buy this for me! I love penguins, especially rockhoppers. This adoption box works with the Galapagos Protection Trust, a charity that helps Galapagos Penguins by looking after their living spaces. Your one year adoption will help with the continuation of these lovely creatures.

This is an awesome present for any penguin fan. The tin includes information on the Galapagos Penguins, how your adoption is helping and how to get a personalised certificate of your support.

Do note that your recipient will have to go online to register the adoption and of course, like a lot of similar gifts, not all the money spent on the adoption box goes to the charity. However, it's still a lovely way to present a charitable donation as a gift.


Moleskine - Recipe Journal

I have this myself and it's one of the best gifts I've ever brought myself! I wish I had thought of this gift when my nan was around, her mince pies were one of a kind and if I had gifted this book to her, I'd have the long-lost recipe!

Is your mum a super-chef? Does she love to get creative in the kitchen? She can note down all her successes and favourites in this beautiful journal. This journal could serve as a fun activity, a keepsake, or potentially a family heirloom all rolled into one for your mum!

The journal has an elastic closure and cardboard case to keep the book in great condition. There are sections to add appetisers, first courses, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. On each recipe page your mum can note the recipe difficultly, prep time, cooking time, serving size, cooking gadgets required, and even add a wine pairing and star rating.

I love my Moleskine recipe journal. I add at least one recipe to it every month and plan to pass it down to my future children. Perhaps your mum would enjoy this product as much as I do. At £25 I believe this journal to be well worth the money.


Bungee Jump Experience

Bungee Jump experience

Is your mum an adrenaline junkie? For under £40 she can close her eyes and take an exciting leap in this bungee jumping experience at one of the UK's 8 locations. The jump may take a few moments, but the memories will last forever.

There's an opportunity to purchase photos or videos of the experience on the day, plus spectators are welcome, so go and cheer mum along! With 5 star reviews across the board (at time of writing) and previous jumpers calling it 'amazing', what are you waiting for?

Do note there is a £15 upgrade fee for London locations.


Wellington Boot Family Print

A personalised family print that can take pride of place on your mum's wall. You can personalise the family name, first names, the wellies, and two accessories with a choice of hats, pet bowls, plants, sports equipment, hobby props, drinks, tools, and other household items. You also have the choice of ordering framed or unframed, and both options come in under £32.

My family print

This item has hundreds of 5-star reviews, which is not surprising considering the amount of personalisation and attention to detail available.

I recently brought a similar item (see picture), featuring my partner and I and our 2 cats, which takes pride in our hallway.

There's also a great personalised photo frame for under £10, it's number 10 on this list of personalised gifts.


Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Kit

Your mum can grow 5 different bonsai trees with this one kit presented in a beautiful, reusable natural wood box for under £20! Everything she'll need is included: Bonsai seeds, biodegradable peat pots, soil pellets, pruning scissors, propagation bags, and of course a manual to guide her.

Not only can your mum grow 5 different bonsai trees, but the kit also includes a 3-in-1 soil/light/PH meter worth £15 alone, separating this kit from others on the market.

If your mum is green-fingered or aspires to be, what a great gift this Bonsai kit would make!


Personalised Organic Mesh Shopping Bag

Madebytora shopping bag

This trendy cotton mesh shopping bag can be personalised with your mum’s first name, plus her initial which can come in a choice of 6 colours. Does your mum love shopping? Treat her to this individual, 100% organic cotton, shopping accessory.

Not only is this product awesome in its own right at a bargain price of just £10, but it's also made by hand by my wonderful wife. Her shop @MadeByTora on Etsy features beautiful hand-made personalised items made with love and eco-friendly sourced materials.


Personalised Makeup Bag

Madebytora makeup bag

You might be thinking, how is this on my 'unusual gift' list, it's a makeup bag? Most personalised makeup bags available online offer first name initial personalisation or the entire first name. Well, this product goes two steps further: you can personalise the back of the bag with a message and choose from 6 different print colours. Making this makeup bag the ultimate one for individualism and personalisation.

Just like the mesh shopping bag, this makeup bag is a bargain at only £10, and made by hand by my wife with love and eco-friendly sourced materials.

In conclusion to the best, most unusual Mother's Day gifts (UK) for under £40

2020 and 2021 have seen so many of us feel the pinch financially, so finding a special gift at a price we can afford is essential. I hope you agree that there are plenty of unique gifts or sources of inspiration in this post to tick your in-budget box.

My personal favourite in this list is the Moleskine Recipe Journal, after having the pleasure of owning this myself and enjoying its use time after time, it's my number 1. This gift your mum can use now, keep and pass down within the family.

What gift did you end up going for? Or did you find another unusual gift idea that you'd like to share, do get in touch and let me know. I love to hear from readers.

Jen - Author, Tried and Loved


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