Dairy Milk Bar Sizes & How Many Calories Per Square

What's the biggest Dairy Milk bar and how much does it cost? Does the Giant Dairy Milk 5kg Bar exist? How many calories are there per square of delicious Dairy Milk? It's all right here in this post.

Dairy Milk Bar Sizes And How Many Calories Per Square

I'm a huge chocolate lover, are you? Having brought many different sized bars and variations of chocolate over my 37 years of having a sweet tooth, I've come to realise that Cadbury chocolate is undoubtedly my favourite. Let me know yours in the poll below.

What Dairy Milk sizes are available?

45g - The standard convenience store size, 60p at Tesco

110g - Shareable bar size, 98p at Tesco

200g - Shareable bar or gift bar size, £1.80 at Tesco

360g - Shareable bar or big gift bar size, £3.00 at Tesco

850g - The wow-sized gift bar, approx £10 at Amazon

All of these sizes can be personalised at Cadbury Gifts Direct. There are three areas of the bar you can personalise, including a short message on the front of the sleeve and a long message and photo on the back. Read more about personalised and customised Cadbury gifts here.

Personalise dairy milk bars at Cadbury gifts direct

Different sized Dairy Milk bars also come in multipacks:

18g - Little bars for kids, £1.00 Tesco

36g - 4 pack, £1.00 Tesco

29.3g - 10 pack, £2.00 Tesco

300g - 4 pack, Approx £17 Amazon

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Does the giant Cadbury Dairy Milk 5kg bar exist?

Short answer: Kind of

Long Answer: It did, but it's not available anymore based on my extensive but failed hunt for it! According to this post, Cadbury made a limited edition 5kg bar in 2008. I wonder how big the chunks were? Mmmmm.

According to a KWE search, a significant number of consumers search for 'Giant Dairy Milk Bar 1kg '. I'm sorry to disappoint but a 1kg bar doesn't exist; the closest and biggest is the 850g Dairy Milk bar available with personalisation.

Dairy Milk chocolate calories: how many calories per square?

Feel free to skip to the table below for the answers, but if you're interested in how I worked out the calories per square, read on.

According to the nutritional values on a Dairy Milk bars’ packaging, there are 534 calories per 100g of chocolate. So how many calories is that per square when each bar has different size squares (and sometimes rectangles!)?

To answer that, we need to divide the chocolate bars' total weight by the number of squares. I've counted the number of squares on the different bars for you, and no, I didn't eat them all while I did it! Now we can work out the calories.

Dairy Milk calories per square by bar size

The calculations below are based on 100g of Cadbury Dairy Milk being 534 calories, and therefore 1g of Cadbury Dairy Milk is 5.34 calories. I then multiplied the weight of each square of chocolate (different for each size bar) by 5.34 to get the calories per square.

Results: 45g bar is 34.44 calories per square, 110g bar is 24.48 calories per square, 200g bar is 26.70 calories per square, 360g bar is 32.04 calories per square, and 850g bar is 33.38 calories per square.

Calories are based on the product sizes at the time of writing and are a calculated estimate assuming each square of chocolate is exactly the same size.

Cadbury released a 30% less sugar version of the classic Dairy Milk bar in 2019, reducing the carbohydrate per 100g from 57g to 42g (of which sugars 56g to 37g). In terms of calories, the lower sugar bar has 31 calories less per 100g.

Sadly the 30% less sugar bar cannot be personalised like the original classic bar but can be included in the custom postal selection box gift. Please feel free to read my Personalised Cadbury gifts review.


Chocolate bar sizes over the years

In 2012 Cadbury smoothed out the corners of their bars, leading to the most recent change in bar size in the small, classic, convenience store size bar. Its weight has been reduced by 4g, from 49g to 45g.

Even more recently, the introduction of the 30% less sugar bar sees a shrinkage in size once more to just 35g.

Conclusion to Dairy Milk Bar Sizes And Calories Per Square


A Dairy Milk bar is my no.1 go-to chocolate; I love the taste, simple as that. I now know, however, based on my calorie per square research, when I fancy a snack, perhaps I should have just a square or two rather than smashing half a 200g bar with my partner, oops! Or even better, swapping to my snack craving something healthier altogether? I think I'll always love a Cadbury treat even so.

The 5kg bar sounds like an incredible gift to give, but as I found out, this was a limited edition product back in 2008. Would you buy the 5kg bar if Cadbury brought this size back into production?

I hope you've enjoyed this post and I haven't made you too hungry? And if you ever come across the 5kg bar in the future, get in touch and let me know!

Jen - Author, Tried and Loved


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