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Peloton Referral Code UK / Peloton Refer A Friend Scheme

Here in this short article are two key pieces of information

  1. An explanation of what the Peloton Refer a Friend scheme is

  2. Most importantly, a Peloton referral code for you to use (subject to Peloton limits)

Let's get to point 2 now, save you time reading this page, if a Peloton referral code is what you're after: Here's my referral code 6F5UTJ


What is Peloton's Refer a Friend scheme?

It's essentially a reward from Peloton to the existing user for referring and helping to grow the Peloton community, as well as a welcome gift to the new customer who's been referred.

The Peloton Refer A Friend scheme applies to existing customers who own the Peloton bike or tread and new customers purchasing either the Peloton Bike or Tread.

When a new customer uses an existing customer's referral code, the existing customer receives a £100 voucher that can be spent on any Peloton apparel. The new customer who enters the referral code when purchasing a Peloton bike or tread receives £100 of bike or tread accessories for free.

Accessories on offer include bike mats, workout mats, cycle shoes, dumbells, heart rate bands, resistance bands yoga blocks and more. The apparel on offer is really high quality wicking material, tee's, vests, shorts, leggings and more are on offer.

How to apply the Peloton Referral Code UK:

  1. You can use the Peloton Reffal code at the checkout when purchasing a Peloton Bike or Tread, feel free to use my code: 6F5UTJ

  2. Or click the referral link when you begin your purchase, and that will apply the code and benefits to your transaction. My link is here should you want it.

  3. You can also show your referral code to a member of staff at a Peloton Retail store.

NOTE: Members who receive the £100 voucher code for referring someone successfully can us their code at the checkout when purchasing apparel.

Are there any terms and conditions I should know before using the Peloton referral code or Refer A Friend scheme?

  • The Peloton member who gives you the referral code needs to have an active all-access membership.

  • The scheme doesn't apply to members with only digital app membership.

  • Vouchers from referrals can take up to 5 working days to reach your inbox.

  • If you return an item of apparel purchased with a voucher, you will be issued a new voucher code to use when the return is processed.

  • Only 6 referrals are allowed per existing customer per year. This used to be 12 per year.

My conclusion to the Peloton Refer a Friend Scheme?

It's a great way to enjoy the feel of high-quality apparel from Peloton which, without a voucher code, can be, in my opinion, pricey, with a t-shirt costing around £50. I have a lovely collection of Peloton apparel which washes up as good as new every time.

I love a freebie or discount when making any purchase. So I feel £100 in bike accessories is a generous value to receive and you'll be able to get an item or two to add to your new bike or tread with that and it's always high-quality.

So one last time here's my referral code if you need it: 6F5UTJ

If you'd like to connect with me on Peloton, my handle is @MorningPelo_Jen I really hope to ride with you soon!

Jenny - Author



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