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New Kid's Book: Superheroes Dance Too!

Superheroes Dance Too! is a new fully illustrated, 28-page children's book, ideal for showing youngsters that even in difficult times when we are stuck indoors, dancing is great for their wellbeing. Plus, how even the smallest acts of kindness can turn them into superheroes too! Oh, and it's written by me!

Superheroes Dance Too Children's Book

Read on to find out how to get your copy of the book, including 2 free stickers and a bookmark, as well as where to find free colouring pages and even a dance tutorial video to characters Boom and Snare's song!

Who is Superheroes Dance Too! for?

This new book is ideal for those aged 2 to 8. Children who love a superhero story, children who love to dance, and anyone who loves a happy ending with a positive message!

What's the overview of the story?

With a bounce, clap, bounce-bounce, clap,

the coolest dance moves and a rhyming rap.

Can superheroes Boom and Snare save the day?

Can they help the children stuck indoors to shoo sadness away?

Follow Boom and Snare in their dance adventure,

cutting shapes, getting down, right, front and centre!

What inspired the writing of this book?

Jen Author

The idea for this book has been on my 'I'd love to do one-day' list for some time. What better time than when a lot of us need a happy pick-me-up during a national lockdown, to get the wheels in motion and put my pen to paper!

As a proud dance teacher for over 20 years and director of an award-winning dance company, I wanted to use my knowledge and passion for dance in my books.

My Adventures of Boom and Snare series, and in particular this first book: Superheroes Dance Too, sets out to encourage a new generation of youngsters to give dance a try and help them to understand how incredible dance is for looking after mental and physical wellbeing.

"For all the resilient youngsters who kept dancing throughout the 2020/2021 pandemic, for all the young aspiring dancers with big dreams, and for all those who simply perform acts of kindness, this book is for you."

Who are the team behind Superheroes Dance Too?

I am so immensely grateful to these three legends for their skills, expertise and general friendly advice on this book:

Corinne Standingford

Corinne Standingford

Content Editor and Contributor

When editing, Corinne has always been my go-to over the last decade working together at Hip Hip Pop, so who better to ask?! Not only has she edited my script, she has input into the story too.

Carrie King

Carrie King


Carrie is a superstar! Her attention to detail in her illustrations is second to none! The character development process was my favourite, she provided so many options for them, allowing us to really bring the characters to life just how I imagined.

Victoria Bater-Sinclair

Victoria Bater-Sinclair


Vic has had to listen to me read the story out loud countless times until we got it just right. Her candour was just what I needed to make the best of this book. Big thank you to Vic for always supporting my weird and wonderful projects and ideas!

Where can you get a copy of Superheroes Dance Too! and the additional freebies?

Order your copy

Simply go to to get your copy, which will come with a free bookmark and 2 stickers. Also on this webpage:

  • Boom and Snare's song. Play on the webpage or even download to your device!

  • Colouring pages to download and print (colouring pages in the book too!)

  • Sign up to the Boom and Snare series newsletter

  • Get access to a 20-minute dance tutorial video led by myself, featuring 6 talented youngsters from Hip Hop Pop, come and learn the dance moves featured in the book! Here's a sneak peek of the dance you could learn:

Are you a superhero too?

Come and find out how you can be a superhero too in Superheroes Dance Too!, just like the characters Boom and Snare!

I'm so proud to have my first book published and hope it inspires at least a few youngsters to continue to be kind, dance and be happy.

I never intended this book to be a business venture, aside from simply recouping the cost of the book's creation and print costs, this book is wholeheartedly a project to share my love of dance and how great it is for our mental and physical wellbeing, with the next generation.

Thank you for reading this article, if you get a copy of the book I’d love to know what you thought about it.

Jen - Author of Superheroes Dance Too and Tried and Loved.


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