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  • How To Make Lasagne Step By Step: Easy Lasagne Recipe UK Version

    Lasagne is a classic, a regular on the table in our household and it's the meal I'd choose from the local pub food menu too. I have perfected my own yummy yet easy lasagne recipe and I'm excited to be sharing it with you. P.S. You're welcome :) Not only will I show you how to make lasagne step by step, but I will share with you alternative ingredients to easily swap this into a vegetarian recipe. I'll show you exactly what pots, pans and utensils you'll need and how you can store the lasagne. Why should you use my recipe over all the others on Google? Lasagne is my absolute favourite. I've tried many of the recipes you'll find on a Google search, I've taken inspiration from the best and tastiest ones and used them to create my easy (yet yummy) lasagne recipe. I may not be Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson, but I know my Lasange. I hope you enjoy it, here it is: This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. Jen's easy lasagne recipe (UK) Serves: 4 Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 25 minutes on the cooker, then 45 minutes in the oven What you'll need: Casserole dish (roughly W21cm x L30cm) 1 large pan and 1 medium pan Scales Measuring jug Sharpe knife and 2 mixing spoons Cheese grater Hand whisk Chopping board Ingredients: Ragu: 1 white onion 2 large carrots 5 garlic cloves 1 tbsp oregano (dried) 500g beef mince 1 tin chopped tomatoes 3 tbsp tomato puree 350ml beef stock (I use Oxo) 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce Splash of olive oil Pinch salt & pepper Pinch of sugar White (Béchamel) Sauce: 60g butter 60g plain flour 650ml semi-skimmed milk 75g cheddar cheese Pinch of salt & pepper Layering: 8-10 lasagne sheets (dried) 150g cheddar cheese 50g Parmesan cheese Easy lasagne recipe step by step 1. Prep Dice the onion and carrots, finely chop or grate the garlic Grate the cheeses Make the stock Measure the white sauce ingredients Check you have all other ingredients to hand Preheat oven to 200c (180c for fan-assisted). 2. Ragu Heat olive oil in a large pan on medium heat Once hot, add onions and carrots and cook for 2 minutes Add the garlic for an additional minute Add the mince until browned all over (approx. 5 minutes) Once browned, add oregano, tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce, chopped tomatoes, sugar and stock, mix well Turn up to high heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until the liquid has vastly reduced (be sure to stir occasionally). Begin step 3 whist your ragu simmers. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper once reduced 3. White Sauce Melt butter over low heat in a medium-sized pan or saucepan Once melted, tip in the flour and use a whisk to mix for 1 minute to create your roux Add a large splash of the milk to the roux, mix well Continue adding more large splashes, making sure the milk mixes in before adding the next portion until it's all in the pan. Keep mixing and let the sauce thicken Once the sauce has thickened, season with a pinch of salt and pepper and mix in the cheese (75g from sauce ingredients). Take off the heat. 4. Layer up and bake Spread half the ragu on the bottom of your baking dish Cover the ragu with lasagne sheets butting them up the best you can to each other without overlapping too much. Spread half of the white sauce over the sheets Repeat the layering: ragu, lasagne sheets and white sauce Sprinkle over the cheddar and parmesan cheeses (from the layering ingredients list) Bake in the centre of your preheated oven for 40-45 minutes, until the cheese is nice and golden brown ... cut into 4 portions and serve, yum! What to serve with lasagne in Winter? Try roasted tender stem broccoli, sprinkled with a drizzle of oil, well seasoned and roasted in the oven for 10 minutes. If you have any leftover parmesan sprinkle some shavings on top, yum! What goes well with lasagne in Summer? A popular choice is a brightly coloured salad; my favourite side salad consists of lambs lettuce with cherry tomatoes, spring onions and a lemony dressing. Perhaps some homemade garlic bread using a french stick and plenty of garlic and butter. How can you store cooked or part-cooked lasagne? Cooked lasange keeps for around 3 days in the fridge or up to 2 months in the freezer, so why not make a double batch! Be sure to thaw the frozen lasagne in the fridge fully before heating. You could prepare the lasagne up to the point of layering. Refrigerate the prepared lasagne (once cooled) and be sure to cover it so the sauce doesn't form a skin. Then cook in the oven when you're ready, ideally within 24 hours of refrigerating, for approx 45-50 minutes on 200c, or 180c if fan assisted. How long to cook lasagne For this recipe the baking time is 40-45 minutes, however, your dried lasagne sheets should be cooked after around 25 minutes. I personally cook for longer to get a crispy topping, mmm yum! How many layers in Lasagne? There's no official number of layers that a lasagne should have, this is likely due to the conflicting origins of the lasagne, some say it originates from Italy, some say it's Greek, I say as long as there are at least 2 layers it'll be well structured, shouldn't fall apart and it'll taste delicious! How to keep lasagna from falling apart Be sure your ragu reduces down to a non-runny consistency, this will help avoid the layers slipping off each other as you take your portion out of the pan. You could try leaving the lasagne to rest before serving, or even cook one day and serve the next (refrigerating between) allowing the contents to firm up a bit. Is there a vegetarian version of this lasagne recipe? With a couple of simple swaps, you can enjoy this recipe meat-free! Swap beef mince for: Quorn mince, McCartney's Vegemince, soybean tempeh or even a homemade nut-mince! Swap parmesan for: Additional cheddar cheese, breadcrumbs for a little crunch, or Pecorino Italian hard cheese. Fresh lasagne sheets or dried? This recipe uses dried; that's because I always have a stock of the dried sheets in my pantry and I hate waste. There's more chance of the fresh stuff going to waste if I don't get around to using it. However taste-wise, I can never really tell the difference between the two in a lasagne. It takes half the time to cook the lasagne using the fresh sheets as it does the dried. Yet, you're going to want to cook your lasagne for at least 30 minutes anyway to get a nice golden brown layer of cheese so you may as well use the dried lasagne. Add this recipe to your recipe journal I have a Moleskine Recipe Journal and it's one of the best gifts I've ever treated myself to. I note down all my successes and yummy creations in this beautiful journal. This journal is not only a fun activity, it's a potential family heirloom all rolled into one. The journal has an elastic closure and cardboard case to keep the book in great condition. There are sections to add appetisers, first courses, main courses, side dishes and desserts. On each recipe page, you can note the recipe difficulty, prep time, cooking time, serving size, cooking gadgets required, and even add a wine pairing and star rating. I love my Moleskine recipe journal. I add at least one recipe to it every month and plan to pass it down to my future children. I added this lasagne recipe to mine a few months back, if you think you'd enjoy the journal too, take a look at it here on Amazon. Why not try the Mindful Chef version? Are you a Mindful Chef customer or thinking of becoming one? Mindful chef deliver nutritionist-designed recipes to your door and guess what, they have a banging lasagne recipe too, trust me I've tried it and by now you know how much I love lasagne! As much as I want you to cook my recipe, I can't deny how yummy this one is. Classic beef lasagne by Mindful chef Succulent, grass-fed beef mince, fragrant oregano, silky béchamel. A ‘mindful’ take on the family staple – gluten- and dairy-free, as always – is just as delicious as the original. (From Mindful Chef Website) Did you enjoy this recipe? If you enjoyed this recipe, why not take a photo of your masterpiece and tag Tried and Loved on Instagram, I'd love to see it and share it! Have a browse of this website for more recipes to come and inspirational ideas for you and your loved ones. Do you have a lasagne recipe that you love? Feel free to send it to me, I'd love to give it a try. Have a great day! Jenny - Author of Tried and Loved This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn from qualifying purchases. Be sure to cook safely and responsibly, for advice, visit:

  • The Ultimate Guide To Todoist Recurring Tasks and Sub-tasks

    Never forget important tasks again, learn how to make Todoist tasks and sub-tasks recur easily using these simple steps with natural language. This page is the ultimate guide to Todoist recurring tasks and sub-tasks, it's the only one you'll ever need so be sure to bookmark it, then you’ll always have the scheduling instructions you need to hand. Here's a handy table of contents for this info-packed recurring task guide What is a recurring task? How to set Todoist recurring tasks What instructions can you shorten? Lists of Todoist task recurrence instructions Things to note before checking out any of the lists or examples on this page Ultimate List: Todoist recurring task due dates How to specify a start and end date for Todoist recurring tasks Ultimate List: Start and end dates for Todoist recurring tasks Start Dates End Dates Using recurrence start and end dates together How to make Todoist recurring tasks with sub-tasks Setting sub-task due dates the same as the parent task Setting different sub-task due dates to the parent task Setting a recurring parent task with no date incompletable sub-tasks Other things you need to know about Todoist recurring tasks How to stop Todoist natural language using a date in the task title What other date formats can be used in Todoist? How to use the @ symbol in Todoist Does Todoist recognise leap years when scheduling tasks for 29th February? What does the '!' do in recurrence scheduling? Using natural language with integrations and other devices It's easy to use starting the wrong way What other natural language dates can you use if not recurring? What thing you not do when scheduling a recurrence in Todoist Every day except The day and the repetition format exclusions Putting the date digits at the start of the scheduled instruction Combination of dos and donts Recognising national holidays Todoist recurrence ideas you could use to help you get organised Conclusion Not only am I going to show you how to set up recurring tasks and sub-tasks in Todoist and all the different instructional language you can use, but I'll also give you examples of how you can use recurrences to reach new organisational heights. Ready? Let's do it! This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. 1. What is a recurring task in Todoist? Do you have tasks that happen more than once in set intervals? Perhaps it's a task to download bank statements each month or feed the cats every day at 7:00am and 3:00pm, or maybe shop for a Valentine's card on the 10th February every year? If you have tasks like these, they are recurring tasks. Fact: Why recurring and not reoccurring? Recurring is usually repeated at set intervals; Reoccurring is also repeated but not always at intervals. A recurring task in Todoist means to have a task that once checked off as 'complete', resets itself as a new task for the next scheduled date and time. A recurring task saves you the effort of re-adding tasks and the worry of forgetting to reschedule. Before we get into how recurring tasks and sub-tasks work together, let's cover the essentials of recurrence scheduling: 2. How to set Todoist recurring tasks Using what's commonly referred to as Natural Language, you can instruct Todoist to repeat tasks by typing in the task's title box in regular or quick-add view, or in the scheduler box. Fact: Natural Language in Todoist is what it says on the tin, a natural way to speak/type that Todoist can recognise and use as instructions. For example, if you set a task and type every 1st Tuesday of the month, Todoist will know to schedule it repeatedly on the 1st Tuesday of every month from that day forward. 3. What recurring instructions can you shorten? You can use natural language in long or short format to instruct Todoist of your required recurrence. For example, the same instruction above could be written as ev 1st Tue of the month, shortening every to ev and Tuesday to Tue, or go even shorter to just ev 1 Tue and Todoist will understand clever stuff! Take a look at what other instructions you can shorten to save you typing time. Change Every to ev Change pm or am to p or a Change 4pm to 16 (same applies to any time) Change 2nd to 2 (same applies to any date or number repetition) Change Monday to Mon (same applies to any day) Change March to Mar (same applies to any month, but note this shorter month name doesn't work with all start and end date instructions, more on this later) Change starting to start Change ending to end Change today to tod Change tomorrow to tom Fact: If you naturally write a sentence that includes repeat every day, Todoist will also scoop up the word 'repeat' as part of your instruction. Not that you need to write repeat when you are already using every or ev of course. You can also choose to omit 'on', 'in' and 'at' in most instructions and Todoist will still understand. 4. Lists of Todoist task recurrence instructions Things to note before checking out any of the lists and examples on this page: There are variable numbers/words in the list below that you can swap-in to fit your required recurrence, these include the specific day, date, time or number. I have used the long format of every, day, time, month, and date, however, you can use the short versions (see the section above). In the lists I have capitalised the first letter of each instruction and the days, you can use all lower or upper case letters, or a combination of both, and Todoist will still recognise your instruction. I have not omitted 'of' 'on' and 'at' in the lists below. You could remove these words and get the same result. There are a number of other date and time instructions (listed later in this article) that use Todoist's natural language but cannot be used for recurring tasks. Workdays and the start of the weekend I have assumed to be Monday to Friday and Saturday respectively in my examples. You can change these assumptions in your Todoist settings. Fact: Your recurring instruction can also specify a start and end date, but before we get into that, let's take a look at the list below of recurrence instructions which are based on task due dates. 5. Ultimate List: Todoist recurring task due dates Every Hour Every hour starting from now Every 8pm Every day at 8pm Every day @ 1800 Every day @ 18:00 Every 20:00 Every day at 2000 Every day at 20:00 Every @ 2000 Every @ 20:00 Every day at 8pm Every morning Every day at 9am Every afternoon Every day at 12pm Every evening Every day at 7pm Every weekday Every workday Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Every weekend Every Saturday Every day Daily Every day starting today Every other day Every other day starting today Every Tuesday Every Tuesday Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Every Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (separated with any combo of ',' & 'and') Every week Weekly Every week starting today Every other week Every other week starting today Every month Every month starting today Every other month Every other month starting today Monthly Every month starting today Every quarter Quarterly Every 3 months starting today Every year Every year starting today Every other year Every other year starting today Every new year day Every new years day Every 1st January Every new year eve Every new years eve Every 31st December Every Valentine Every Valentines Every Valentine Day Every Valentines Day Every 14th February Every Halloween Every 31st October Every 6 hours Every 6 hours starting now Every Wednesday at 6pm Every Wednesday at 18:00 Every Wednesday @ 6pm Every Wednesday @ 1800 Every Wednesday @ 18:00 6pm every Wednesday 18:00 every Wednesday Every Wednesday at 6pm Every 2 days Every 2 days starting today Every 3 weeks Every 3 weeks starting today Every 4 months Every 4 months starting today Every 10 years Every 10 years starting today Every 2nd Wednesday of the month Every 2nd Wednesday Every 2nd Wednesday of each month Every 15th 15th of every month Every 15th of each month Every 21st, 1st, 10th Every 21st and 1st and 10th Every 21st, 1st and 10th Every 21st , 1st , and 10th of the month (separated with any combo of ',' & 'and') Every 20th of January Every 20th January Every 21st February, 1st April, 10th July Every 21st February and 1st April and 10th July Every 21st February, 1st April and 10th July Every 21st February, 1st April, and 10th July (separated with any combo of ',' & 'and', max 8) Every last day Every last day of the month Every last day of the month Every last Tuesday Every last Tuesday of the month Every last Tuesday of the month Every mid March Every 15th March (or 15th of March) Every end of the month Every end of month Every last day Every last day of each month Every last Wednesday Every last Wednesday of the month Every first workday Every first working day of the month (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu or Fri) Every last workday Every last working day of the month (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu or Fri) After 3 days Starting today then the task repeats every 3 days. So if I set it on a Saturday, it will recur Tuesday. NOTE: The task cannot be checked off as completed until the next date of the recurrence. 6. How to specify a start and end date for Todoist recurring tasks The start and end dates relate exclusively to when the repetitions begin and end, not to when a task should be started or the due date. For example, say you want to do Christmas shopping every Friday at 6pm throughout November you'd add something like: Long format, Every Friday at 6pm starting on 1st November ending 30th November Of course, you can use short instructions such as: ev fri 6p start nov 1 end nov 30 7. Ultimate List: Start and end dates for Todoist recurring tasks This list includes natural language start and end date instructions that work for recurring tasks, there are start and end date instructions that work solely on non-recurring tasks too (listed later in this article). I have put an example of a due date recurrence surrounded in brackets '( )' in the list below, you can use other recurrences from the above list to replace my examples in the brackets. The brackets ( ) in these examples are not to be typed as part of the instruction. Start dates: Below are variations of starting and from instructions Tip: you can use them together as starting from, Todoist will still recognise that instruction, but you may as well just use one or the other to save typing time. (Every day) starting Friday Every day starting on Friday (Every hour) starting Wednesday Every hour starting on Wednesday at 12am (Every hour) starting 8pm (Every hour) starting 20:00 [Every hour) starting at 8pm [Every hour) starting at 2000 [Every hour) starting at 20:00 Every hour starting from 8pm (Every day) starting 27th September Every day starting from 27th September (Every day) starting May Every day starting from 1st May (Every day) starting tomorrow Every day starting from tomorrow (you wouldn't need to say every day starting from 'today', as 'every day' automatically starts a recurrence today) (Every day) starting in 3 days Every day starting in 3 days time (if it's a Sunday today, the task recurrence would start Wednesday) (Every day) from Tuesday Every day starting from Tuesday (Every day) from 27th September Every day starting from 27th September (Every day) from May Every day starting from 1st May (Every day) from tomorrow Every day starting from tomorrow (you wouldn't need to say every day 'from today' for a today start, as 'every day' automatically starts a recurrence today) End dates: Fact: Todoist doesn't currently seem to support hourly recurrence end times using any of these: ending, end, until or to. I have put in a feature update request with Todoist, fingers crossed that issue gets fixed, as you can do so much with natural language it seems a shame to fall at a simple hurdle, although nothing can put me off Todoist, I'm a super fan! (Every day) until Friday Every day, the last day of recurrence is Friday (Every day) until 27th September Every day, the last day of recurrence is 27th September (Every day) until May Every day, the last day of recurrence is 1st May (Every day) until tomorrow Today and tomorrow (Every day) ending Friday Every day, the last day of recurrence is Friday (Every day) ending 27th September Every day, the last day of recurrence is 27th September (Every day) ending May Every day, the last day of recurrence is 1st May (Every day) ending tomorrow Today and tomorrow (Every day) ending in 3 days Every day ending in 3 days time (if it's a Sunday today, the task recurrence would end Wednesday) (Every day) for 3 days Every day starting today PLUS 3 days (so 4 tasks) (if it's a Sunday today, the task recurrence would end and include Wednesday) (Every week) for 2 weeks Every week starting today PLUS 2 weeks (so 3 tasks) (if it's a Sunday 14th today, the task recurrence repeats on 21st and 28th, ending on 28th occurrence) Fact: Any date length, including months and years, can be used in the same way as the three examples just above. Using recurrence start and end dates together You can use a combination of natural language instructions together, for example, you don't need to use starting and ending together, you could swap ending to until. Take a look at the examples below. You can also use to as a joiner the between the start and end dates in a full sentence format such as: [Every day] from 1st June to 8th June Every day from the1st of June to the 8th of June 8. How to make Todoist recurring tasks with sub-tasks I love a sub-task! Sub-tasks break down the big daunting tasks into manageable portions, but how should you attack setting recurrences for sub-tasks? I'm going to show you 3 possible ways so you can pick the best one to suit you. Here are the 3 options for choosing due dates in recurring sub-tasks: Setting sub-task due dates the same as the parent task Setting different sub-task due dates to the parent task Setting a recurring parent task with no-date, incompletable sub-tasks The first thing to note is the natural language is the same for sub-tasks as it is for parent tasks, so no need to learn anything new, phew! Let's look in more detail at the 3 options above... 1. Setting sub-task due dates the same as the parent task Let's say the parent task is housework and your sub-tasks are kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and you want these to recur every Friday. If you set the recurring due date on the parent and sub-tasks the same, every Friday, all 4 tasks will show up in Friday's task list. With this format, you can check off each completed sub-task as you do it, then check off the parent task when you're sitting down with your cup of tea and all sub-tasks complete. Is this the most efficient way to schedule sub-tasks? There's some duplication upon checking off the last sub-task and the parent task. My best advice to make the sub-tasks 'feel' more separated from the parent task, is to change the priority levels. For instance, the parent task could be a P1 (top priority) and your sub-tasks P4's (lowest priority), then order your view by priority level, you'll see the parent task near the top and then the sub-tasks at the bottom. Tip 1: I would use double Asterix '**' (Or double exclamation '!!') before and after the parent task title so it appears in Bold and stands out as 'the big one' to check off. Tip 2: You could also use a single Asterisk '*' on either side of an additional word like 'sub-task' preceding your task title, to make the word stand out in italics and help to indicate that it's not a parent task (see example below). 2. Setting different sub-task due dates to the parent task This would be my preferred option for my weekly workout task. The parent task being weekly workout with 3 sub-tasks for the actual activities: dance classes every Monday, spin x 30 mins every Wednesday, and walk x 30 mins every Saturday. I would set the recurrence for the weekly workout parent task to every Sunday. With this option, each task or sub-task appears in a different day, the day I need to complete it. At the end of the week, I get the satisfaction of checking off my weekly workout as done! 3. Setting a recurring parent task with no-date, incompletable sub-tasks Let's use the same example of the weekly workout tasks above, but this time making the sub-tasks incompletable. To make a task incompletable you'll need to type an * then leave a space and write the sub-task title. There's no need to type a recurrence for the sub-task as incompletable tasks attach themselves to the parent task's recurrence dates. You could set the sub-task recurrence dates, but then you'd end up with a similar outcome as option 2. You won't be able to check off the sub-tasks as they are incompletable and the circle to check them as 'done' is not there, this does mean that the full list will be visible when you click the weekly workout parent task regardless of what day of the week it is. Think of this option more as a list of notes. 9. Other things you need to know about Todoist recurring tasks How to stop Todoist natural language using a date in the task title Sometimes a task title needs to mention words or dates that are the same as used in natural scheduling language, for example in a task I want to do every day titled: chase director for a reply to my 1st June email., Todoist will automatically highlight 1st June as the due date. To stop that connection, simply tap on the highlighted date and Todoist will stop highlighting, allowing you to add your scheduling instruction on the end: every day Other ways you can stop smart date recognition: Type your date within these brackets [ ]. For example: [every Saturday] Hit backspace after typing the instruction Of course, you could select no date from the scheduler, or even type no date or no due date in the task title, but that will mean there's no due date at all attached to the task. If you'd prefer, you could turn off Smart Date Recognition all together by going to your account settings in the general tab. What other date formats can be used in Todoist? Throughout this article, we've used full format dates such as 1st of January, 1st January and short versions including 1st Jan,1 January and even 1 Jan. Here are some more date formats: 1/1/21 1/1/2021 01/01/21 01/01/2021 How to use the @ symbol in Todoist The @ symbol has two purposes, dependant on if you put a space after it or not. If you use @ with no space any labels you have set up will pop up awaiting your selection as @ is the shortcut for label selection. However, if you use a space after the @ symbol it then changes the meaning of its use to 'at', so you can use it in a time recurrence like every day @ 2pm. Does Todoist recognise leap years when scheduling tasks for 29th February? Good news, tasks scheduled for the 28th February won't get lost every 3 or 4 years, Todoist reschedules those automatically to the 1st of March, phew. However, if you're looking to schedule a task for the end of February you should use the language end of Feb (or February) instead. What does the '!' do in recurrence scheduling? By adding an ! after the word every the recurrence date changes from the due date to the completion date. An example would be a task to change the water filter every 6 weeks. If you said: change the water filter every 6 weeks and today's date is 1st Jan, your first occurrence would be today 1st Jan. If you completed the filter change today (1st Jan) then the next recurrence would be the 12th of Feb. That's fine as your filter is due a change. But let's say you don't do it today and you leave it 3 weeks before completing the task (22nd Jan). The change the water filter task will still recur on 12th Feb, 3 weeks after you completed it, but your filter has not run out yet, right? By adding an ! after every change the water filter every! 6 weeks, Todoist will know to recur 6 weeks after you complete the task, so if you completed on the 22nd Jan instead of today, the recurrence would be on 5th March. Using natural language with integrations and other devices Do you use Siri, Alexa or Google Home? Good news, these voice assistants can all recognise Todoist's natural language and schedule tasks for you accordingly. You can say for example "Alexa, record new Netflix series tomorrow at 9pm", you can even do the same on your Apple Watch, and I believe Android watches too. However do note, if you're using an Alexa skill for example or an IFTTT recipe to achieve this integration, you won't be able to set recurring tasks, just singular scheduled ones. It's easy to use the word starting the wrong way This is something I've mistakenly done a few times so I'm giving you the heads up so you don't make the same mistake. Every day starting at 9 am will not set you a recurring task every day with a due date time of 9am, even though this language is a natural way to describe a task. Instead, it will recur your task every day with no set time, the recurrence will start from 9am. If it's 8am then this task will be in today's task list with not due time, only due date, if it's 11am your task will be in tomorrow's task list in the same way. So the language starting is taken as a recurrence starting point, not the actual due time of the task. What other natural language dates can you use if not recurring? Here are some examples in long format scheduling instructions Todoist recognises, that are not used in recurrence instructions (short versions will work too) . Tomorrow morning Tomorrow afternoon Tomorrow evening tomorrow night Tomorrow at 9am, 12pm, 7pm and 10pm respectively In 1 hour / in In 6 days In 10 weeks In March In 2 months in 3 years Due in 1 hour, 6 days, 10 weeks, 1st March, 2 months and 3 years from today respectively 1 hour before 7pm 2 days before Sunday 3 weeks before 1st January 1 month before November Due at 6pm, Friday, 11th December and 1st October respectively 1 hour after 7pm 2 days after Sunday 3 weeks after 1st January 1 month after November Due at 8pm, Tuesday, 22nd January and 1st December respectively +3 days +4 weeks +5 months +6 years Due in 3 days, 4 weeks, 5 months and 6 years respectively 10. What things can you not do when scheduling a recurrence in Todoist Every day except Sadly you have to enter all the days you want a recurrence to repeat, as the term every day except is not recognised in Todoist. If you want a task to repeat for 6 days of a week you need to type all 6 days separated by a ',' or and. Tip: You could shorten a 6-day repeat using a phrase like every weekday and Saturday if missing the Sunday fits your schedule. The day and the repetition format exclusions There are a small number of formats of instructions that are not recognised here's an example; to set a task every Monday, you need to use language like every Monday, every Mon, ev Monday, ev Mon or on Mondays, you cannot use Monday every week or every week Monday (or short versions of either). Putting the date digits at the start of the scheduled instruction There seems to be a bug when scheduling a recurring task starting with the date digits. Todoist highlights the instruction as if it's recognised it, but actually, the recurrence doesn't work. Let's say you want to add a cleaning task to recur on the 20th of every month, if you write cleaning 20th of every month, this won't actually recur. Instead, write cleaning every month on the 20th for the recurrence to work. You can of course use other shorter variations of the phrase as long as it starts with a version of every. For example, ev month on 20. Have no fear though, the bug issue has been raised with Todoist, so cross fingers they'll fix it. Combinations: do's and dont's It's best to note which parts of the instruction are about the due date and which parts are indicating the recurrence start and end dates, as longer combinations require you to separate them to help Todoist understand. Here's an example: Do: Use the following language for homework (example) task repeating every weekday in March at 6pm (this example is in long format): Homework every weekday at 6pm starting 1st March ending 31st March Notice how up to 6pm is where the recurrence due date instruction ends and starting 1st March to the end of the instruction indicates when the recurrence is active. Don't: Use the following language for homework (example) task repeating every weekday in March at 6pm (this example is in long format): Homework 6pm every weekday in March Todoist recognises 6pm every weekday as a recurring due date, but in March as a singular date of the 1st March and therefore can not schedule the active dates required. Recognising national holidays Leap Years: Todoist doesn't recognise the instruction every leap year, but that's ok there's an easy workaround simply recur every 4 years. Memorial Day: Todoist does recognise memorial day (USA) as the first Monday of May every year. As you know from the sections above Todoist also recognises new years day, new year's eve and Valentine's. Sadly that's where the holiday recognition stops. Of course, there's normally another way to overcome the lack of holiday language. Here are some examples of when you can add holidays as recurring tasks and when you can't: UK Remembrance Sunday: Always the 2nd Sunday in November so every 2nd Sunday in November works. UK Mother's day: 3 weeks before Easter Sunday, Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the full moon, usually on or after 21st March, however, this differs each year so this date cannot recur exactly. Tip: How would I overcome this? I'd have a recurring task on the 1st of January each year to Google the national holidays and add them all to Todoist. Anyway, enough of the negatives, there aren't that many so let's not bring the mood down. 11. Todoist Recurrence ideas you could use to help you get organised We all work differently so recurring tasks will be useful to users in different ways, here's some that I use or ones I think are great as a little inspiration: Pay taxes every quarter Update CV every 6 months Keep on top of weekly cleaning chores Weekly workout plan and track progress Get the kid's school supplies each term every 1st Jan, 1st Apr and 1st Sep Schedule staff appraisals every 2 years Schedule car service and insurance renewal yearly Birthday reminders every year Goal setting and tasks to achieve those goals every day, every week, every month 12. Conclusion Before Todoist, I used Microsoft OneNote as a task manager and I'd often find myself lost in pages of long lists of tasks with no scheduling structure. Since moving to Todoist Premium, I am in my organisational element and my productivity has increased at least 2-fold. Being able to use natural language in so many varying ways to schedule tasks is yet another solidifying reason why I love Todoist, my other top two reasons being its label and filter features. Bonus Tip: You can use the same natural language you use for due dates with reminders! Admittingly there is the odd action you can't do with Todoist recurrences as listed in this article, but for me, none of them are essential functions and I don't feel they hinder the app's awesomeness! I hope this article has been a great help to you in learning about using recurrences in tasks and sub-tasks in Todoist. Again, please do bookmark the page so you can use it as a reference for future scheduling questions and feel free to share with other Todoist fans. Jenny - Author, Tried and Loved P.S. Feel free to subscribe to the Tried and Loved weekly newsletter (see footer) so you catch new Todoist posts as they get published and many other helpful guides for you and your business. This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. As an Amazon Associate, I also earn from qualifying purchases. Information correct at the time of writing

  • Where To Find A Valid ASOS Discount Code In The UK

    Get yours right here! This page gives you the most recent valid ASOS UK discount codes updated every week, including exclusive codes! Why not bookmark this page so you can come back to it anytime you shop on ASOS to get your discount codes without having to hunt for them on Google. Current valid ASOS UK discount codes: Bonus Tip: You can also find out below how to redeem your discount code, how to be notified of new codes, info about delivery charges, plus what to do if you're having trouble with your code. NEW CUSTOMERS - 10% off EVERYTHING Code: ASOSNEWFRIEND > Use this code on ASOS Expires: 8am 03/05/2021 Terms and conditions at the bottom of the post Extra 20% off 1000's of Sale Styles Stock Code: SPRINGSAVIN > Use this code on ASOS Valid: Thurs 8am - Fri 8am Expires: 8am 23/04/2021 Terms and conditions at the bottom of the post Extra 20% Flash Min Threshold £20 Code: SPRINGSAVIN > Use this code on ASOS Valid: 7pm - 9pm Expires: 8am 25/04/2021 Terms and conditions at the bottom of the post This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. How can I be notified of new ASOS discount codes? As well as bookmarking this page and checking it before making future ASOS purchases, there are two ways you can be notified of new discount codes: Sign up for the Tried and Loved weekly newsletter (see the footer of this page). You'll receive weekly inspiration on a range of brands, as well as new ASOS codes when they are updated. Bonus tip: If you're browsing this page in Google Chrome click 'allow notifications', that way when I update the page with discounts you'll be notified. Become an ASOS customer and opt-in to the 'Discounts and Sales' marketing communication, ASOS will send you discounts and offers via email. The best option however is to do both! You'll get the general codes from ASOS's emails and additional exclusive ones from me at Tried and Loved! How to redeem an ASOS discount code in 3 easy steps Go to the checkout Enter the promo code into the 'PROMO / STUDENT CODE' box, exactly as it’s stated on this page with no spaces. Important: be sure to click 'APPLY CODE', you'll then see the total of your basket change to reflect your discount My discount code isn't working, what should I do? Check your code is valid and meets the terms and conditions of its use. Common reasons your code might not work include: You're trying to use the discount when purchasing a gift card. Discount codes do not apply to gift card purchases. The code has expired. Always check the terms and conditions including the dates of the code (see bottom of post for terms). The code isn't valid where you reside. Codes are normally specific to the country, the codes on this page apply mainly to ASOS UK. You can only use one discount code or promotion per order. If you are still having trouble, get in contact with ASOS customer care Does ASOS do a birthday discount? According to my research at the time of writing, if you opt into ASOS's marketing communications, in particular the 'discounts and sales', you may receive a 10% birthday discount code exclusive to you! If ASOS are still offering this discount near your birthday, you are likely to receive the code 2 weeks prior to your birthday and will expire before midnight on your special day. Do ASOS offer free delivery?! Delivery charges outside of delivery offers are approx £4 for standard 3-day delivery and £5.95 for next day delivery. All orders are trackable and you'll get a link in your emails after your order so you'll know when it's on the way. Have you placed an order and are only going to be home at lunchtime? No problem, use ASOS's precise delivery service and pick a 1-hour delivery slot from £5.95! How can you get next day or precise delivery every time you shop without spending £5.95 per order? ASOS offer a Premium Delivery membership for just £9.95 per year. You save as soon as you place two or more orders a year. If you plan to be a regular ASOS customer you'll be crazy not to use this. Let's say you estimate placing 10 orders a year, you'll save almost £50 on delivery charges by having the Premium Delivery membership. Is there a student discount at ASOS? If you're a student be sure to register on ASOS. If you're already an ASOS customer that's OK, you can connect your customer email address during your student registration. Once registered and validated as a student on ASOS you'll receive your student discount code via email which you can add at the checkout. Do note this discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is only valid on full-priced products. Is ASOS customer service any good? I've always thought of ASOS as a reputable company with a helpful service. I've been an ASOS customer for around 7 years and I have only ever had to speak to a member of the customer service team once. This was regarding a return, (my usual format wasn’t available), and my question was answered quickly and helpfully. ASOS's online help and support pages have been detailed enough to answer all of my other questions to date and are not too 'wordy', so you won't have to read for hours to get to the answer. You can contact ASOS customer service via live chat 7 days a week. Simply follow this link and log in. The site will tell you if you need to wait to speak to a team member and if so how long the wait is, handy! What is Klarna? How does Klarna work? Klarna offers pay-later or split-payment options on your purchases at ASOS and other participating retailers. Klarna pay in 3 You can pay for your purchase in 3 interest-free chunks; one at checkout and the remaining two 30 and 60 days after the purchase date. Do note however that Klarna will perform a soft credit search, which according to will not affect your credit score. Klarna pay later This is an option I plan on using in the future, useful for those who, like me, order multiple sizes giving me plenty of options to try on to help select the best sizes to keep. Pay Later means you only actually pay for items you keep, you have 30 days from the shipment date to pay and you'll even receive a reminder in case you forget. Who's eligible for Klarna? Anyone over the age of 18, who has a UK bank account and a UK home address. Note: Shop responsibly, be sure you have enough money to afford the Klarna payments before purchasing. See ASOS website for full terms and conditions. ASOS offer alternative payment methods to Klarna, see ASOS page here for more details. Who is ASOS? A fashion brand that loves you! ASOS urge you to express yourself, experiment and be unapologetically you. ASOS brands offer more than 30 different sizes at an equal price, with a gender-neutral collection and are serious about inclusivity. As a gay woman myself who's fluctuated between a size 10 and a 18 throughout my 37 years, who usually shops in the men's section, I love that ASOS has always been able to cater for my various body shapes and tastes in fashion, especially now with their gender-neutral collection and unisex offerings. There's always stacks of choice, so much so that I can browse for well over an hour on occasion! Did you know that ASOS is big on promoting body positivity? There's no removal of any body marks on their models, in fact, no digital altering of any kind. Go ASOS! Want to try a specific look? You're bound to find what you're after on ASOS, whether that's in the main store, the ASOS Outlet or the ASOS Marketplace, there's a world of choice for all tastes. Is shopping with ASOS safe? Let's start with the basics, the company was established in 2000 and are registered with Companies House as a PLC so are 100% legit. In terms of exchanges and refunds, ASOS makes it easy for you to complete these tasks via your 'My Orders' or 'My Returns' pages and offer a variety of return methods. Your data is kept safe, ASOS say 'your privacy is our priority,' they even have a funky video on their privacy page with an easy-to-understand 5 point list of how they look after your data. I personally feel safe shopping with ASOS. What is ASOS Outlet? You can get significant reductions on the RRP via ASOS Outlet. The outlet contains items at the end of their line, you can grab some big brand bargains in the outlet including reductions from Adidas, Calvin Klein, Reiss, Oasis, Tommy Hilfiger, the list goes on. I love the way ASOS shows you the percentage of discount on the RRP on each item, I don't know about you, but I love to know I'm getting a steal! What is ASOS Marketplace? The ASOS marketplace is a goldmine of one-offs and unique products from around 800 carefully sourced independent brands and vintage boutiques, from all over the world. You can find anything from a vintage 90's sweater, to delicate hand-made jewellery on ASOS marketplace. In conclusion to where to find a valid ASOS discount code in the UK I hope you found a code to fit your needs at the top of this post. Don't forget to bookmark this page and share it with an ASOS loving friend so you can both check for new codes next time you shop. Have you found a discount code that isn't on this list? Sharing's caring, let me know and I'll spread the word. There are lots of helpful articles for you on Tried and Loved, feel free to have a browse while you're here. Thanks for reading and happy shopping! Jen - Author at Tried and Loved Note, as an ASOS affiliate I may receive commissions when you click external links. However, this does not impact reviews and comparisons. Prices and product details correct at the time of writing. We do not take responsibility for the validity of the discount codes. Terms and conditions of Promo codes: NEW CUSTOMERS - 10% off EVERYTHING Code: ASOSNEWFRIEND Expires 8am 03/05/21 Valid in UK and IE T&Cs: Enter code ASOSNEWFRIEND at checkout to receive discount. Ends 08:00 BST on 3rd May 2021. Code can be used on first order only up to a maximum pre-discount spend of £500. Can’t be used with other promo codes or on gift vouchers, delivery charges, Premier Delivery or ASOS Marketplace. Selected marked products excluded from promo. Extra 20% off 1000's of Sale Styles Stock code Thurs 8am - Fri 8am Code: SPRINGSAVIN "Enter code SPRINGSAVIN at checkout to save an extra 20% off selected marked-down prices of styles included in the ASOS sale. Ends 8am BST on 23 April 2021. Code can be used multiple times per customer up to a maximum pre-discount spend of £500 per order. Can’t be used with other promo codes or on gift vouchers, delivery charges, Premier Delivery or ASOS Marketplace. Country exclusions apply. Selected marked products excluded from promo. Extra 20% Flash Min Threshold £20 7-9pm Code: GETSAVIN "Enter code GETSAVIN at checkout to save an extra 20% off the marked-down prices of styles included in the ASOS sale. Ends 8am BST on 25 April 2021. Code can be used multiple times per customer up to a maximum pre-discount spend of £500 per order. Can’t be used with other promo codes or on gift vouchers, delivery charges, Premier Delivery or ASOS Marketplace. Country exclusions apply. Selected marked products excluded from promo. References: Images / Screenshots from:

  • Dairy Milk Bar Sizes & How Many Calories Per Square

    What's the biggest Dairy Milk bar and how much does it cost? Does the Giant Dairy Milk 5kg Bar exist? How many calories are there per square of delicious Dairy Milk? It's all right here in this post. I'm a huge chocolate lover, are you? Having brought many different sized bars and variations of chocolate over my 37 years of having a sweet tooth, I've come to realise that Cadbury chocolate is undoubtedly my favourite. Let me know yours in the poll below. What Dairy Milk sizes are available? 45g - The standard convenience store size, 60p at Tesco 110g - Shareable bar size, 98p at Tesco 200g - Shareable bar or gift bar size, £1.80 at Tesco 360g - Shareable bar or big gift bar size, £3.00 at Tesco 850g - The wow-sized gift bar, approx £10 at Amazon All of these sizes can be personalised at Cadbury Gifts Direct. There are three areas of the bar you can personalise, including a short message on the front of the sleeve and a long message and photo on the back. Read more about personalised and customised Cadbury gifts here. Different sized Dairy Milk bars also come in multipacks: 18g - Little bars for kids, £1.00 Tesco 36g - 4 pack, £1.00 Tesco 29.3g - 10 pack, £2.00 Tesco 300g - 4 pack, Approx £17 Amazon This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. Does the giant Cadbury Dairy Milk 5kg bar exist? Short answer: Kind of Long Answer: It did, but it's not available anymore based on my extensive but failed hunt for it! According to this post, Cadbury made a limited edition 5kg bar in 2008. I wonder how big the chunks were? Mmmmm. According to a KWE search, a significant number of consumers search for 'Giant Dairy Milk Bar 1kg '. I'm sorry to disappoint but a 1kg bar doesn't exist; the closest and biggest is the 850g Dairy Milk bar available with personalisation. Dairy Milk chocolate calories: how many calories per square? Feel free to skip to the table below for the answers, but if you're interested in how I worked out the calories per square, read on. According to the nutritional values on a Dairy Milk bars’ packaging, there are 534 calories per 100g of chocolate. So how many calories is that per square when each bar has different size squares (and sometimes rectangles!)? To answer that, we need to divide the chocolate bars' total weight by the number of squares. I've counted the number of squares on the different bars for you, and no, I didn't eat them all while I did it! Now we can work out the calories. Dairy Milk calories per square by bar size The calculations below are based on 100g of Cadbury Dairy Milk being 534 calories, and therefore 1g of Cadbury Dairy Milk is 5.34 calories. I then multiplied the weight of each square of chocolate (different for each size bar) by 5.34 to get the calories per square. Results: 45g bar is 34.44 calories per square, 110g bar is 24.48 calories per square, 200g bar is 26.70 calories per square, 360g bar is 32.04 calories per square, and 850g bar is 33.38 calories per square. Calories are based on the product sizes at the time of writing and are a calculated estimate assuming each square of chocolate is exactly the same size. Cadbury released a 30% less sugar version of the classic Dairy Milk bar in 2019, reducing the carbohydrate per 100g from 57g to 42g (of which sugars 56g to 37g). In terms of calories, the lower sugar bar has 31 calories less per 100g. Sadly the 30% less sugar bar cannot be personalised like the original classic bar but can be included in the custom postal selection box gift. Please feel free to read my Personalised Cadbury gifts review. Chocolate bar sizes over the years In 2012 Cadbury smoothed out the corners of their bars, leading to the most recent change in bar size in the small, classic, convenience store size bar. Its weight has been reduced by 4g, from 49g to 45g. Even more recently, the introduction of the 30% less sugar bar sees a shrinkage in size once more to just 35g. Conclusion to Dairy Milk Bar Sizes And Calories Per Square A Dairy Milk bar is my no.1 go-to chocolate; I love the taste, simple as that. I now know, however, based on my calorie per square research, when I fancy a snack, perhaps I should have just a square or two rather than smashing half a 200g bar with my partner, oops! Or even better, swapping to my snack craving something healthier altogether? I think I'll always love a Cadbury treat even so. The 5kg bar sounds like an incredible gift to give, but as I found out, this was a limited edition product back in 2008. Would you buy the 5kg bar if Cadbury brought this size back into production? I hope you've enjoyed this post and I haven't made you too hungry? And if you ever come across the 5kg bar in the future, get in touch and let me know! Jen - Author, Tried and Loved We may receive commissions when you click our external links. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. Prices and product details correct at the time of writing.

  • Is A Personalised Cadbury Chocolate Bar Gift From Cadbury Gifts Direct Worth The Money?

    Are you considering buying some Personalised Cadbury Chocolate as a gift, and want to make sure it's worth the asking price? Are you getting the best Cadbury product for your money? I've purchased Personalised Cadbury Chocolate bars many times for family and friends' gifts, as well as buying in bulk as company 'thank-you' gifts. I'm going to give you my honest opinion on the value-for-money of the bars and their personalisation quality. We'll also look at what's inside a Personalised Cadbury Hamper, Postal Selection Box and a Dairy Milk Letterbox Gift so you can make the best selection for your giftee! Let's get into the details. Personalised Cadbury chocolate bar sizes Bar Sizes Available : 850g at £13.00 360g at £10.00 200g at £5.40 110g at £4.00 45g at £2.69 More about Cadbury Bar sizes and their calories per square here This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. What can you personalise on a Cadbury chocolate bar? All personalised bars come with a card sleeve; even the smallest 45g has a sleeve. This sleeve is where your personalisation is printed, meaning your gift recipient can keep your special personalised message long after they have demolished the chocolate! There are three areas where you can personalise your dairy milk bar. All five sizes of bar have the same three personalisation spots, though as the bar increases in size, so does the font and picture. So, what parts of the sleeve can you personalise? The front: The first area your recipient will likely see can be filled with a short, bold message or greeting up to 27 characters long. Perfect for a 'Happy Birthday Matt xxx' or 'Love You Dad, from Jen xxx' The back (text): An area on the back left of the bar can take up to 150 characters of text, allowing you plenty of space to leave a sentimental message and claim the glory for sending this fabulous gift! This message area was a nice touch for when I purchased bars for staff and volunteers at my company. I was able to thank them individually for the specific work they had done in this message box. The back (image): You can add a square-shaped photo to the back of your bar too. Don't worry if your favourite photograph isn't square; the website allows you to zoom, rotate and crop your image. However, if you don't want to add a photo, that's OK; it won't leave you with a blank square on your chocolate. The best thing about the personalisation function on the website is the ease of use. You can see a live preview of your personalisation and go back and edit at any point. How much does it cost to post personalised Cadbury bars? Orders up to £10 in value cost £3.95 for delivery, orders over £10 cost £5.50. You can also pay a little extra for next day delivery too, which is around £6. The standard delivery time (according to the Cadbury Gifts Direct website) is two days, I ordered a test bar for this article on Sunday evening and it arrived Tuesday, so that timeframe seems accurate. The only negative to the postage pricing structure is that there are no discounts for multiple addresses; you pay the fees I mentioned above, per address. When I placed my bulk order (approx 30 bars), I had them all delivered to my address and I handed them out myself, costing only around £10 in fuel, instead of the £3.95 minimum per address. The positive about sending to multiple addresses on the Cadbury Gifts Direct website is that you can easily add addresses and assign each bar a different delivery address in just a couple of clicks. What are Cadbury chocolate rewards? Register as a customer when you make your purchase to be eligible for Chocolate Chunk Rewards. For every £1 you spend, you'll receive one virtual chocolate chunk. Each chunk is worth 1p off future purchases. You can top up your chunks quicker by purchasing items with multiple chunk reward promotions, plus you'll get 100 chunks free when you sign up! Think Tesco's Clubcard but with more mouth-watering results, yum! Value for money of Cadbury personalised Dairy Milk bars The quality of the personalisation warrants a fair price. I wasn't put off by the personalised bars' costs either time I've made a purchase. The only disappointing element to the price was the delivery charge. The 850g bar is a large, heavy item and understandably has a cost, whereas buying a small 45g bar with a delivery fee of £3.95 seems expensive by comparison. In conclusion to are the personalised bars good value for money, I'd say yes they are, purely for the quality of personalisation and that you can personalise in 3 places. Cost per gram for personalised Cadbury Chocolate Bars (rounded up to nearest penny): 850g is £13.00 = £0.02 per gram 360g is £10.00 = £0.03 per gram 200g is £5.50 = £0.03 per gram 110g is £4.00 = £0.04 per gram 45g is £2.69 = £0.06 per gram Cost of standard Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars with no personalisation vs the exact sizes with personalisation: Tesco Dairy Milk Bars with no personalisation 360g £3.00 (with personalisation = £10.00) 200g £1.80 (with personalisation = £5.50) 110g £0.98 (with personalisation = £4.00) 45g £0.60 (with personalisation = £2.69) (The 850g bar is not available at Tesco) Amazon Dairy Milk Bars with no personalisation 850g £9.45 (with personalisation = £13.00) I believe the 850g bar is the best value for money because the chocolate is the cheapest per gram, and the personalisation price is the closest to the non-personalised price relatively. In conclusion to the personalised Cadbury chocolate bars from Cadbury Gifts Direct I'm sure your recipient will enjoy the thoughtfulness and quality of the bars of all sizes, and yes I believe they are well worth the money. I'd recommend the 850g bar as the perfect gift if budget isn't an issue. Not only does this larger bar have the wow factor of its size, but it's a product that is less available in standard high street stores, so is more uniquely appealing too. Does Cadbury offer low-sugar or vegan alternatives? Short answer: Yes to low-sugar, and kind-of to Vegan chocolate. Full answer: Dairy Milk launched it's '30% less sugar' bar available in 35g and 85g sizes in 2019. The lower sugar bar is a nutritionally better alternative to the classic in terms of sugar content, reducing carbs per 100g from 57g to 42g (of which sugars from 56g down to 37g). The lower sugar bar is available in the postal selection box gift, but not the other customisable gifts and sadly not available for personalisation as of yet. In terms of Vegan options according to a few articles from February 2020, Cadbury have been working hard for the last two years to bring a Vegan alternative to the market for the Dairy Milk product range, all whilst keeping the products classic taste. This seems to be still in the pipeline. In late 2020 however, Cadbury did launch their vegan-friendly Bourneville Fingers, available in Sainsbury's according to this article. Other custom chocolate gifts at Cadbury Gifts Direct Before we look at what's included in these other gifts, note that they are not personalised items like the Dairy Milk bars, instead, these are customisable items in which you can edit the contents. These custom gifts can be sent with a gift card in a choice of 8 designs, including 'I love you', 'Congratulations', 'Happy Birthday' and so on. You can add up to 250 characters of text in your message and send your gift directly to the recipient. The same postal charges apply as the personalised Dairy Milk bars. So what's in each gift? Make your Cadbury hamper: This is the most customisable product on offer at Cadbury Gifts Direct and could be chocolate heaven for a chocolate-loving giftee. Add as many items to your hamper as you like; there is no limit. You can select from a whole range of different types of products too, including: Boxes Bags Bars Eggs Trays Drinks Foiled Chocolates Toys Selection Boxes Mugs Biscuits And more... Choose anything from a bag of 25p Dairy Milk Buttons to a £24.72 box of 48 Creme Eggs (yum!), you can create a hamper full of your giftee's favourite treats by simply clicking the '+' button to add items to your hamper. You can see the price of your hamper in real-time on-screen as you add items, so you can mix and match to fit your budget too. But do note, should you choose to have the hamper packaged this is an additional cost, as well as the delivery charge. You're offered three hamper packaging options: A Gift Bag at £3.50 - Organic with strong handles A Wicker Hamper at £15.00 - Beautifully displayed A Gift Box at £2.50 - Card box in Cadbury Colours The wicker hamper may seem pricey on the surface, but if you buy one yourself they can range from £7 to £20 (on Amazon), then you need some internal decor, plus the skill to make it look pretty (which I don't possess), and of course, the cost and effort to post it from your address to theirs. So I'd say to save the hassle, the £15 to Cadbury is well worth it. Overall the Cadbury Hamper is a fantastic option for those with a more flexible budget or who have a giftee with particular Cadbury favourites! Creating a Cadbury postal selection box Another brilliant option for a recipient who loves particular Cadbury bars or those that can never choose a favourite! This one's super reasonable, perfect for shoppers on a budget. You can pick 10 Cadbury products to include in your selection box, most of which are the standard sizes you'd see on a convenience store shelf. There are 30 items to choose from, mostly chocolate bars (including the 30% less sugar dairy milk bar), but there's mints and wine gums available too for good measure. However, if your giftee is a chomp bar lover, and you add 10 of them in the box, it might be worth considering if it's worth it; chomps are 25p and a selection box is £11 regardless of the contents. I'd expect to pay over and above for the presentation and convenience, but chomps or Freddo's alone might feel a little pricey. Good news, at the time of writing, there is FREE delivery on selection boxes! Would I purchase this gift? Absolutely! The chocolate comes in a basic but well presented Cadbury purple cardboard box, and of course, I can add my gift card to the recipient, well worth the money in my opinion. The Dairy Milk letterbox gift The cheapest of the customised gifts at only £10 and free delivery. You can select 4 of the following Dairy Milk bars: Cadbury Dairy Milk 110g Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut 110g Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut 120g Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Bar 120g Cadbury Dairy Milk with Daim 120g Dairy Milk Oreo Mint 120g Dairy Milk Oreo 120g Just like the selection box, in this Letterbox gift your bars are displayed in a cardboard Cadbury coloured box, and, of course, you can add your gift card message. I would purchase this as a gift for its ease and convenience. A round-up of all the 'make your own' Cadbury Gifts Direct options. There's a gift for every budget and palate, custom products are well presented, and the interface is super easy to use. The convenience of the product's customisation and delivery options are the most significant selling point for me. I will continue to use Cadbury Gifts Direct for the foreseeable future. I hope you enjoyed this article and I've got your mouth watering talking about all this delicious chocolate! Got a Cadbury product that's special you think I should taste and then review? Get in touch and let me know. Jen - Author of Tried and Loved We may receive commissions when you click our external links. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. Prices and product details correct at the time of writing. References

  • How To Calculate Engagement Rate On Instagram. Get Your Engagement Rate Here!

    Do you want to calculate your engagement rate without doing any mathematics, right here, right now? The good news is that you can right here, read on. Do you want to find the perfect accounts to engage with in your niche? I'm going to show you an easy way at the end of this post. I'll also cover: What Instagram engagement is, why your engagement rate is significant, why you should avoid buying followers and likes, and how you can increase your Instagram engagement, all in this article. With a background in event marketing and 20 years of experience marketing my own businesses, I trust this article will give you the guidance you need to better understand and improve your Instagram engagement, no matter if you're a start-up, small business, entrepreneur or just an Instagram loving individual. You're here to calculate your engagement rate, I won't ask you read to the end to get it. Your engagement rate can be calculated here, just below this paragraph thanks to However, why find out your engagement rate and not understand what it means or how to improve it? Read on to find out how to improve your engagement. Calculate your Instagram engagement rate: (IMPORTANT: This tool works for influencer and brand profiles, to check engagement rate of a personal profile try here, then come back and enter your rate in the poll below) Now you have your engagement rate, what does it mean? In short: Instagram engagement rate is a measure of how others interact with your content on the platform. In more depth: Follows, comments, likes and shares are all taken into account to calculate engagement rate. The calculated measurement is used to assess if your Instagram efforts are effective compared to industry benchmarks. Essentially, you can track how much your audience is enjoying, aka engaging with, your content. This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. How is your engagement rate calculated? There is some debate over the exact formula for calculating your Instagram engagement rate. Followers, likes and comments factor in, and some say your reach too, yet the calculator you used above by Asalisa, the AI-powered Instagram analytics tool, uses this formula: The number of likes and comments divided by the number of followers, multiplied by 100, equals your engagement rate. What is a good engagement rate on Instagram? Don't panic if your engagement percentage is under 4%, that's normal, phew! The critical detail is whereabouts you sit between 0% and 4%? On the flip side if your engagement is above 4% then big hi-fives to you, it sounds like you're nailing it, keep up the good work! According to a RivallQ* study, Instagram wide engagement has dropped by approximately 25% in the last year. The average engagement rate across industries in 2021 is 1.22%. Is your Instagram engagement rate higher or lower than the average 1.22%? Select your answer below and see what other readers rates are. Do bear in mind this is a mean average of cross-industry results. It's helpful to note what the rates are for the two top engaging industries: Higher Education = 3.57%* Sports Teams = 2.33%* These two industries' engagement rates stand-alone in measure and are relatively high. All other measured industries' engagement rates vary between 0.67% and 1.75%. If you are not in higher education or a sports team, and you rule out those engagement rates, a quick re-calculation brings the industry average closer to 1.1%. How does your engagement rate compare now? So now you know your engagement rate you know where you stand in comparison to industry benchmarks. What do you do with that information now? Why is engagement rate significant? Engagement rate, in a nutshell, is how appealing your content is to your audience, an indicator of how you are keeping up with the demands of the moment, and of course, it proves you have happy customers! The benefits of using engagement rate in more detail: Engagement rate is a measure of audience interest. What do I do if I come across a post of my niece looking happy playing in the sunshine? I like the post, I may even leave a comment, maybe an emoji; why? Because I enjoyed seeing the post, it made me happy. Likewise, suppose Neil Patel, a digital marketer I follow and admire, posts a carousel of images, the first image stating, '10 reasons you don't want to post on Facebook', my interest is heightened. I start swiping through reasons 1, 2, 3 and so on, at the end is a CTA (call to action): 'double tap if that helped you', and I do, why? Because I enjoyed learning something interesting for free. What's the lesson here? The more appealing your posts are to your audience, the more they are likely to engage with them by likes, comments and shares. The higher the engagement rate = The more your audience is interested in your posts. You can learn from your previous posts; what posts get the most engagement? Are they photos, videos or carousels? Are they behind the scenes style posts, happy customer posts, educational posts etc? Find what works and create more content based on your best-performing factors to increase your engagement. Quick Tip: According to Bannersnack**, carousel posts get the highest engagement rate on average across industries. This is followed by images and then video. Of course, look at what works for your audience based on insights (below), but if you need a place to start experimenting, jump on the carousels! How do you find your top engaging posts? Profile - Insights - Overview - Content Interactions - Top Posts You're welcome :) The engagement rate shows if you are a strong player. The official term is 'social proof'. A reasonable engagement rate helps to prove that you are worth following. Seeing many others following and engaging with you can be a significant factor for non-followers deciding whether you're worth them hitting that 'follow' button. A healthy engagement level indicates that you have happy customers, even further solidifying your social authority and gaining you that 'follow. For example, I came across an Instagram account that possesses 14'000 followers. I almost hit 'follow', then I checked out their recent posts, they only had 2 to 3 likes each and no comments, showing a relatively low engagement rate, so I decided against following. That's not to say that you shouldn't follow those with low engagement, I've been there myself, but for what I was looking for, I needed to see brand trust and therefore higher engagement. The engagement rate helps determine if you're still the cool kid. The official term is 'brand relevance.' Are you still the cool kid on the block that all your friends (followers) want to hang out with? Perhaps you are right now, and your engagement is high, but what about in 6 months when trends change? Do you still have your finger on the button? Are you still the cool kid everyone wants to spend time with? Monitoring changes in engagement rate can help track if you are staying relevant and shows where you can take action if you aren't. Why shouldn't you buy Instagram likes to increase engagement rates? Hopefully, by this point in the post you can answer this question yourself, but so that we are on the same page: It smells of cheating, an Instagrammer will likely sniff out the fact that you have, for example, 1000 likes but 200 followers. Your engagement rate is essentially false. You won't get an accurate picture of your progress from your insights and truly learn what your audience enjoys. It's not allowed, don't risk getting banned from the platform. It's a waste of money. If you want to partner with brands, you'll likely ruin your chances as they'll sniff out fake, paid-for accounts Tempting as it might be for a quick fix, don't do it. Be real! How to increase your Engagement Rate - 3 Tips 1. Know your audience, post for them Marketing skills 101: Who is your model customer? What pain points (problems/needs) or desires might they have? How can you solve their pains, give them what they desire or simply make them smile with your post, whilst still relating to your product or service? The key here is to solidify your intention behind the post, not just post blindly. Whether the post is a contest, a fact, a peek backstage or any other type of post, have clear user benefiting intent. Next, what format of content does your audience prefer? Carousels, images, videos? As I discussed above in the section: 'How do you find your top engaging posts via insights?', you can see your top engaging posts and what format they were in via your Instagram insights. Can you match the post intention with this top-performing format? If yes, great! Finally, do you know when your followers are online? Your Instagram insights will tell you: Profile - Insights - Your Audience - See All - Most Active Times Post at days and times when your followers are online the most. However, still mix it up occasionally, then you're not missing out on engaging with a completely different set of customers, even if there are fewer of them online. 2. Grab attention and say hello to AIDA, "Hi Aida" Who's Aida? I hear some of you asking. Aida is a well-know marketing model that is useful when planning Instagram content. Aida stands for: A - Attention (or Awareness) I - Interest D - Desire A - Action Attention: Your follower, or followers-to-be, can only see the first 125 characters of your caption in their feed. You need to grab their attention with a headline or first sentence that will make them stop scrolling and open the rest of your caption. You can drive attention through the media in your post as well. Interest: Pique the reader's interest; can they relate to what you're saying? Can they benefit from reading on? Desire: Instagram's algorithm measures how long a user spends looking at your post. You can write up to 2200 characters in your caption, so why not capitalise on the number of words you can add to keep them on your post for longer? During that time, it's your chance to get your user to connect with what you're saying on a deeper level, to make them want your product or service, and build their desire to take action. Action: Have a clear call-to-action (CTA). Whether that's in the form of a written instruction in the caption, a 'double tap' and heart icon on the post image or an actual CTA button, make sure what you want the user to do is crystal clear. Remember, the actions the user takes are recorded in your engagement rate. 3. Most importantly, be social! The whole reason it's called social media is to share and interact socially. So be sure to do that! Simple ways to be social include: Like posts of the people you follow Comment on posts of the people you follow Follow other accounts within your niche Comment on accounts with # hashtags relevant to your niche The 4 points above may sound obvious, but with our increasingly busy lifestyles, it's easy to ignore these integral but straightforward steps that will help increase Instagram engagement. I have a solution! I run two successful small businesses as well as write for this blog and run a household, yet I have a game-changing way to find time to engage with tens of relevant Instagram users every day, using very little brain-power! I use Gary Vee's Dollar Eighty Instagram Strategy and Dollar Eighty Chrome Extension. What Is Gary Vee's Dollar Eighty Instagram Strategy? World-renowned marketer Gary Vee suggests you leave your '2 cents', your meaningful opinion, on 9 posts for 10 different hashtags. 0.02(cents) x 9(posts) x 10(hashtags) = $1.80 When you leave your 90 comments a day, you have increased profile awareness and connected with the right type of user in your niche. Most importantly, you're naturally encouraging new followers and engagement for your profile. For those of you who may be thinking, WHAT 90 COMMENTS?! Trust me, it doesn't take that long thanks to the Dollar Eighty software, in fact, 30 mins on average. Read on to see why I think that 30 minutes is well spent if you're serious about growing your following. How does the Dollar Eighty Chrome extension work? The extension connects with your Instagram account. You select locations, hashtags and profiles to target. Dollar Eighty will then show you all the recent and top posts from your targets, making it quick and simple for you to add your '2 cents'. Make your comments meaningful though, this will encourage further engagement with your profile. The best part is, Dollar Eighty saves your replies, so you can reuse them later on in another post, saving you valuable time. Don't be a spammer though; mix it up and be real! Instagram only actually allows 30 comments an hour. Dollar Eighty solves that issue by queuing your comments and posting them automatically in intervals, so you don't have to worry about remembering to come back and post. By grouping all relevant posts in one place, saving comments for reuse, and queuing your comments, you can save tonnes of time, as I do. There's an easy-to-read analytics section in the extension too, in which you can track your engagement rate in real-time! Who can use Dollar Eighty? I use it for one of my business profiles, yet influencers, brands, products, social media managers and even personal profiles can all make great use of it. Is Dollar Eight Free? Yes and no. There is a free version; you can post up to 10 comments a day with just hashtag targeting. The free version is a great way to test the water, see if Dollar Eighty is for you and check out proportionate results. The full version is $15 a month. I use this and I feel it's worth the investment. I target 10 locations in my business service areas, 10 hashtags relevant to my business niche, and 10 profiles of my industry's big players. I spend 20-30 minutes a morning with my coffee in hand, putting my '2 cents' on as many posts in the extension as I can in that time block. I can reach the full 90 posts in 30 minutes when I focus! I know some might think spending 20-30 minutes intensely on social commenting is too much, but I assure you, I'd spend way longer writing odd comments throughout the day and scrolling trying to find something relevant to comment on. I also use Todoist, the task management software, to time block my day so I don't deviate from the plan of 20-30 minutes on Dollar Eighty. I highly recommend Dollar Eighty; it's a game-changer for a small business owner like me who juggles many business activities every day. In Conclusion To How To Calculate Engagement Rate On Instagram Did you use the engagement calculator from Analisa? Did you enter your answer to see if your engagement rate was above the cross-industry average? Hopefully, you did and now have a better understanding of where you may need to progress. Full disclosure: I am a massive culprit for having skills and depth of knowledge in a subject, but I'm not always great at implementing them! One of those subjects being my Instagram strategy! I'm working on that and Dollar Eighty is helping me along the way. So we're on this journey together you and I! Engagement rate is an excellent measurement to judge your posts' quality and effectiveness, plus it's real-time and free. Why not bookmark this webpage so you can come back and check or compare your engagement rate in the future? I hope you enjoyed this post. If it helped you, please feel free to share it with a friend or other small businesses trying to get the best from Instagram. Jen - Author, Tried and Loved References * ** Note: We may receive commissions when you click our external links. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons.

  • 10 Personalised Children's Gifts Under £10 That Kids Will Love!

    Are you looking to give a special gift without breaking the bank? Are you trying to find an individual gift on a budget? If so, you're in the right place. 2020/2021 has been tough on most of us financially with more of us are watching the pennies, so I have compiled this list for those of you on a budget: 10 personalised children's gifts under £10 that the little ones will love. There's a gift on this list to suit all children, from books to sweets and unicorns to Roblox. Do you know other adults who are watching the pennies that might need to purchase children's gifts? Feel free to share this page and help them too. This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. Here's my list of 10 Personalised Children's Gifts Under £10 In no particular order, first up we have... No.1 Personalised A5 Soft-Backed Notebook Price: Approx £7 This wire-bound A5 notebook is a great gift for children heading back-to-school. They can jot down all their notes and ideas in this wire-bound book. Your child's name will sit at the top of the book above the words notebook of awesome ideas.' It may only have 50 pages, but most reviewers still give this children's gift five stars! No.2 Personalised Cadbury 360g Dairy Milk Bar Price: Approx £10 I'd be over the moon with this gift at any age! Cadbury offers a wide range of different sized bars that can be personalised, this 360g bar is the biggest you can get for £10. I've purchased this item many times before, I even had over 50 large bars personalised one Christmas as gifts for the staff and volunteers at my company. The personalisation goes on the outer sleeve and not the bar wrapper, but I think that's better as the sleeve can be kept after the chocolate has been demolished, yum! You can personalise the front with a name or a short message, and the back with the recipient's photo and a longer birthday message, so no need for a card, even more of a saving! There is a delivery charge on all products, but you could always go for a slightly smaller bar to bring your total under £10, or if you have lots of children to buy for, you could order multiple personalised bars and pay just one delivery charge. No. 3 Personalised Happy Birthday Letter Box Sweets Price: £11.99, but at the time of writing, Buy a Gift has a discount offer (see pop up) on your first purchase bringing this gift under budget. This is the perfect personalised kid's gift to send straight to them in the post. This personalised box is full of tasty sweets including shrimps, jelly beans, dolly mixtures, and kola cubes. The box weighs around 90g and fits through the letterbox at L35 x W13.5 x D2cm. Please can someone buy this for me? I have a serious sweet tooth! Thank you in advance, haha! No.4 Personalised Kid's Apron Price: Approx £9.50 Perfect for the little bakers in the family. This apron features a simple cupcake design and you can add a name or a message of up to 30 characters to the front. Select from 2 sizes: 2 to 5 years or 5 to 10 years. Of course, with any baking session comes mess! Good news, the apron is machine washable - phew! No.5 Personalised Easter Bags Price: £6 These personalised Easter Bags are perfect for filling with little treats, plus they're made with eco-friendly materials. You can choose a colour for your bunny including Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Mint, Lilac and personalise your Easter bag with your choice of name. Bags are 12 x 15 cm and postage is free! Oh, and they are handmade with love by my talented wife, Victoria at 'Made by Tora'. Thanks in advance for supporting her small business! You can check out two more of her products (numbers 14 and 15), in this list of Mother's Day gift ideas. No.6 Personalised Tooth Fairy Bag. Price: £6 This environmentally friendly bag is a cute keepsake printed with a name in a colour of your choice. The lost tooth goes inside the bag and is placed under the pillow ready for the tooth fairy to swap the tooth for something exciting. The bag is big enough for cash or even a little toy or gift card. There is also enough room if the child would like to leave the tooth fairy a letter. The bags are 15 x 12cm and handmade with love by my wife Victoria, just like the Easter bags above. Tooth fairy magic not included. No.7 Personalised Unicorn Cushion Cover Price: Approx £9 Add a name or message of up to 25 characters to the front of this white unicorn-themed pillowcase. The large print area sets this pillowcase apart from others whose print slightly smaller. Remember, this isn't a luxury item, so the polyester material is relatively thin and the pillow isn't included. But I think it's still a bargain for a personalised children's gift that would likely get well used! No.8 Personalised Unicorn Drawstring Bag Price: Approx £8 Perfect for carrying a PE kit when going back to school. This drawstring bag is available in a choice of 5 colours: natural, pastel blue, pastel grey, pastel pink, or white. You can fit up to 15 characters of personalisation underneath the unicorn print. According to many happy reviewers, the bag is a little on the thin side but still strong and durable enough to hold a PE kit or children's daily school supplies. No.9 Personalised Roblox Pencil Case Price: Approx £7 (plus £3 delivery) Is your child a Roblox fan? My niece is, the majority of reviewers disclose how happy their children are with this Roblox Gift. If you're thinking, what is Roblox? Here's a summary: it's a global platform where millions of people play in immersive 3D worlds created by the users. I know, I'm baffled too, but lots of youngsters love it. I take that back, youngsters and some adults! My wife gets roped in to play it with my niece, but I'm pretty sure at age 34 she's having as much fun as my 8-year-old niece! You can add your recipient's name to the front of the case which also features Roblox imagery. This personalised pencil case is the perfect back-to-school gift with lots of room for pencils, pens, small rulers, and two zip-up sections for accessories too. No.10 Personalised 'I love my...' Photo-frame Price: From £8.99 This customisable wooden photo frame comes in a choice of 2 sizes: 6x4in or 7x5in and is the sort of gift you might expect to give to a parent or grandparent, but what a great idea for kids too, especially ones who love their animals. You could personalise the top of the frame with 'I love my [Enter Pet]' and add a message at the bottom of the frame mentioning something the child and pet do together like: 'Max and I are best friends, we love to cuddle.' What other categories of personalised ideas for children are there? Colouring sets Kids personalised clothes Storybooks Teddies Pens or pencils Plates Socks I've been searching for the best kid's personalised gifts for a while and many of the gift types in other categories above are pricier than £10. Most of the personalised children's ideas I first came across were in the £20-£40 range. In conclusion to my favourite 10 personalised children's gifts under £10 If you're looking for personalised presents for under £10, this article will fulfil your needs without searching for the rest of the net. Do you have a favourite on this list? Get in touch and let me know. Or perhaps you know of an incredible personalised children's gift under £10 worthy of a place on this list? If so, get in contact, I'll look into it personally and keep this list updated. Jen - Author or Tried and Loved Prices correct at the time of writing. As an Amazon Associate and Affiliate for other brands, we may earn from qualifying purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, to help you make the best choices.

  • 15 Unusual Mother's Day Gifts UK under £40!

    Is your mum a superhero who deserves something extra special this Mother's Day? Do you want to find her something individual for Mother’s Day? Are you looking for a unique gift that doesn't break the bank? I'm going to share with you my Top 15 Unusual Mother's Day Gifts (UK) Under £40 I'll be sharing gifts I've brought and loved, alongside well-reviewed gifts I've found along the way. I hope this article helps you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your super-mum. Don’t settle for the usual flowers, card and chocolates. Whether you're looking for a personalised item, a keepsake, an activity, or just something unusual and utterly bizarre to make mum smile, it's all right here on my list. When is Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent which means it varies slightly each year. Mother’s Day 2021 in the UK falls on Sunday the 14th of March. This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. Here’s a quick look at my... Top 15 Unusual Gifts for Mother’s Day (UK) Under £40 In no particular order... How It Works: The Mum, Ladybird Book Mum's Medicine Wine Bottle Stop 2-in-1 Face Massager Personalised Face Pillow Letterbox Cheese Taster Box Indoor Allotment Pill Pot Tea Mug Gin Puzzle Adopt a Penguin Recipe Journal by Moleskine (my personal favourite) Bungee Jump Experience Wellington Boot Family Print Grow Your Own Bonsai Personalised Mesh Shopping Bag Personalised Makeup Bag No.1 How It Works: The Mum, Lady Bird Book for Grownups If your mum likes a good laugh, then this book is for her! With sarcastic, dry-humoured, tongue-in-cheek scenes on life as a mother, most mums can relate and have a good chuckle! Take a look inside the book on Amazon and you'll see the type of humour I mean. At under £7 this would make a great addition to your mum's gifts. No.2 Mum’s Medicine Novelty Wine Bottle Stopper At around £6, this fun novelty gift makes for a perfect fun addition to mum's Mother's day gifts. I want one myself that says 'Jen's Night Nurse.' Mum can put her feet up, grab a glass and enjoy a tipple, all whilst keeping her 'medicine' fresh for longer. No.3 2-in-1 Face Massager A winning gift for under £20; Firstly, this is a stunning-looking product with its gold features and crystal-style cut massage heads. Secondly, this product has thousands of high star reviews, meaning happy customers. The set includes a 3D roller face massager and T-shaped head electrical facial device. Add an AA battery (not included), and these massagers come to life at up to 6000 vibrations per minute. The vibrations help tighten skin, stimulate blood circulation and remove wrinkles and dark circles*. It's portable and waterproof, perfect for at home or on the go. Help mum to feel good with this 2-in-1 massager. No.4 Personalised Face Pillow I purchased two similar pillows last year for my wife. They have pictures of our cats on and she loves them! Add your mum's favourite 'mush on a cush', maybe yours, the grandchild's or like me, a pet! The pillow comes ready stuffed, has edge to edge printing and is easy to wash and iron. It also comes in two different sizes with the cost ranging between £15 and £21. No.5 Letter Box Cheese Taster Box from If, like me, your mum loves cheese, then this gift from Buy a Gift is a winner! For a modest £25, your mum will receive a box including of three kinds of cheese of varying flavours from around the world, as well as homemade relish and biscuits. It'll be delivered straight to her door, perfect for lockdown Mother's day. I ordered a similar gift for my wife's lockdown birthday which also included wine, like this cheese and wine hamper from Buy A Gift. No.6 Indoor Allotment Gift Set Herb Garden Bring the outdoors indoors in a miniature style for around £30. Your mum can grow three different types of herbs behind a cute mini picket fence. This handmade item has taken a standard gift idea and cleverly turned it into something amusing and unique. Three miniature plant pots sit behind the white picket fence. The shed functions too, the door and roof both open, handy for storing spare seeds! Also included are three soil pellets that expand to three times the size and three packets of seeds: coriander, basil, and oregano. The allotment dimensions are H:19 x W:42 x D:15.5cm, perfect for displaying on a window seal. No.7 Prescription Pill Bottle Mug Does your mum love a good laugh? If so, this might be the perfect gift for her! This hilarious 'Prescription Coffee' mug will put a smile on her face as she takes the first sip of her morning coffee, for just a little over £15. With prescription-style lines on the label such as 'drink one mug by the mouth, repeat until awake and alert', this gift is just what the doctor ordered! This painted ceramic 300 ml mug is hand-wash only to keep the detail intact, but I'd say well worth the time washing up for the smiles it will bring. No.8 Gin Jigsaw Puzzle Calling all Gin-loving mothers! When completed, this puzzle displays a chart of gin drinks, which ingredients are in them, including botanicals and spices, as well as gin facts; a brilliant idea for a puzzle! With 500 pieces, she'll have 2 or more hours of relaxing fun putting the puzzle together. At approximately £30 that's £10-15 per hour of fun, not bad! Why not get her a gin gift set to go with the puzzle so she can sip away in style while she puzzles! No.9 Adopt A Penguin Someone, please buy this for me! I love penguins, especially rockhoppers. This adoption box works with the Galapagos Protection Trust, a charity that helps Galapagos Penguins by looking after their living spaces. Your one year adoption will help with the continuation of these lovely creatures. This is an awesome present for any penguin fan. The tin includes information on the Galapagos Penguins, how your adoption is helping and how to get a personalised certificate of your support. Do note that your recipient will have to go online to register the adoption and of course, like a lot of similar gifts, not all the money spent on the adoption box goes to the charity. However, it's still a lovely way to present a charitable donation as a gift. No.10 Moleskine - Recipe Journal I have this myself and it's one of the best gifts I've ever brought myself! I wish I had thought of this gift when my nan was around, her mince pies were one of a kind and if I had gifted this book to her, I'd have the long-lost recipe! Is your mum a super-chef? Does she love to get creative in the kitchen? She can note down all her successes and favourites in this beautiful journal. This journal could serve as a fun activity, a keepsake, or potentially a family heirloom all rolled into one for your mum! The journal has an elastic closure and cardboard case to keep the book in great condition. There are sections to add appetisers, first courses, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. On each recipe page your mum can note the recipe difficultly, prep time, cooking time, serving size, cooking gadgets required, and even add a wine pairing and star rating. I love my Moleskine recipe journal. I add at least one recipe to it every month and plan to pass it down to my future children. Perhaps your mum would enjoy this product as much as I do. At £25 I believe this journal to be well worth the money. No.11 Bungee Jump Experience Is your mum an adrenaline junkie? For under £40 she can close her eyes and take an exciting leap in this bungee jumping experience at one of the UK's 8 locations. The jump may take a few moments, but the memories will last forever. There's an opportunity to purchase photos or videos of the experience on the day, plus spectators are welcome, so go and cheer mum along! With 5 star reviews across the board (at time of writing) and previous jumpers calling it 'amazing', what are you waiting for? Do note there is a £15 upgrade fee for London locations. No.12 Wellington Boot Family Print A personalised family print that can take pride of place on your mum's wall. You can personalise the family name, first names, the wellies, and two accessories with a choice of hats, pet bowls, plants, sports equipment, hobby props, drinks, tools, and other household items. You also have the choice of ordering framed or unframed, and both options come in under £32. This item has hundreds of 5-star reviews, which is not surprising considering the amount of personalisation and attention to detail available. I recently brought a similar item (see picture), featuring my partner and I and our 2 cats, which takes pride in our hallway. There's also a great personalised photo frame for under £10, it's number 10 on this list of personalised gifts. No.13 Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Kit Your mum can grow 5 different bonsai trees with this one kit presented in a beautiful, reusable natural wood box for under £20! Everything she'll need is included: Bonsai seeds, biodegradable peat pots, soil pellets, pruning scissors, propagation bags, and of course a manual to guide her. Not only can your mum grow 5 different bonsai trees, but the kit also includes a 3-in-1 soil/light/PH meter worth £15 alone, separating this kit from others on the market. If your mum is green-fingered or aspires to be, what a great gift this Bonsai kit would make! No.14 Personalised Organic Mesh Shopping Bag This trendy cotton mesh shopping bag can be personalised with your mum’s first name, plus her initial which can come in a choice of 6 colours. Does your mum love shopping? Treat her to this individual, 100% organic cotton, shopping accessory. Not only is this product awesome in its own right at a bargain price of just £10, but it's also made by hand by my wonderful wife. Her shop @MadeByTora on Etsy features beautiful hand-made personalised items made with love and eco-friendly sourced materials. No.15 Personalised Makeup Bag You might be thinking, how is this on my 'unusual gift' list, it's a makeup bag? Most personalised makeup bags available online offer first name initial personalisation or the entire first name. Well, this product goes two steps further: you can personalise the back of the bag with a message and choose from 6 different print colours. Making this makeup bag the ultimate one for individualism and personalisation. Just like the mesh shopping bag, this makeup bag is a bargain at only £10, and made by hand by my wife with love and eco-friendly sourced materials. In conclusion to the best, most unusual Mother's Day gifts (UK) for under £40 2020 and 2021 have seen so many of us feel the pinch financially, so finding a special gift at a price we can afford is essential. I hope you agree that there are plenty of unique gifts or sources of inspiration in this post to tick your in-budget box. My personal favourite in this list is the Moleskine Recipe Journal, after having the pleasure of owning this myself and enjoying its use time after time, it's my number 1. This gift your mum can use now, keep and pass down within the family. What gift did you end up going for? Or did you find another unusual gift idea that you'd like to share, do get in touch and let me know. I love to hear from readers. Jen - Author, Tried and Loved * The Site cannot and does not contain [medical/legal/health/fitness/other] advice. The [legal/medical/fitness/health/other] information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. As an Amazon Associate and Affiliate for other brands, we may earn from qualifying purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, to help you make the best choices.

  • 10 Best Gin Gift Sets for Her

    Are you looking for the best gin gift sets for her birthday? An anniversary or Valentine's day? Your search can stop here with my list of the 10 best gin sets for her. Here’s a quick look at my top 10: The Floral One The Luxury One The Budget One The DIY one The Grow Your Own One The Standard One The Mulled One The Minibar One The Can't Choose One One The Personalised One Did you know that gin is the UK’s favourite spirit? What makes gin so popular? It has to be something to do with the range of gin styles such as dry, sweet, fruity, or crisp and flavourful mixers. With over 1500 varieties of gin on the market no wonder there is something for every taste. My wife is a gin lover, I asked her what things she would look for in a perfect gin gift? She said Attractive presentation Something unique And of course a tasty gin Would these be on your gin set checklist? I’ve researched features and reviews of tens of popular gift set options and found some hidden gems along the way. This is my top 10 list of the best gin gift sets. From miniatures and mixes to swanky bottles and decorative glasses, I’ve got something here for everyone. For each gin gift set, I’ll share the contents of the set, the presentation, the price, the quality, and its uniqueness. This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. List of the 10 Best Gin Gift Sets For Her In no particular order... 1. The Floral One The Whitley Neill Gin & Chocolate Bouquet Contents: 1 x Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin 5cl, 1 x Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin 5cl, 1 x Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 5cl, 12 x Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Truffles, 1 x Joe & Seph's Gin & Tonic Gourmet Popcorn Pouch 70g, Artificial Ivory Roses & Foliage, Reusable Acrylic Vase & Hand-tied Bow Presentation: Presented in a reusable acrylic vase and hand-tied bow. Bouquet arrives in a luxury designer postal box that doubles as a gift box. Price: Approx £40 Best Bits: Gin and Chocolate Bouquet arrives beautifully presented, no effort required to wrap and it comes ready to gift. They never sell substitutions so you get exactly what you order. Perfect for a Lockdown gift to send straight to the recipient. 2. The Luxury One Silent Pool Distillers Gin Giftbox Contents: 1 x 70cl bottle of Silent Pool Gin and 2 Copa style glasses. Price: Approx £69 Presentation: The bottle and glasses come in a beautifully decorated matching box. The box has been complimented by many in reviews. Best Bits: This crisp, clean flavoured gin with lavender hints is a joy for the senses. This bottle and glasses set is one you’ll want to leave out for others to see. 3. The Budget One Gordon's Pink Gin Gift Hamper Contents: 2 miniature bottles of Gordon's premium pink distilled gin (5cl), 2 bottles of Schweppes Indian tonic water (125ml), 8 milk chocolate truffles (80g), 1 bag of salted butterscotch popcorn (40g), and a curved stemless glass. Price: Approx £23 Presentation: Wrapped in a plain gift box ready to be opened and enjoyed. Includes a gift card for you to add your own personalised message. Best Bits: Perfect as a gin gift that has a little of everything. As long as you’re not expecting luxury, this tasty gift on a budget is a great option for Secret Santa’s, friends' and colleagues' birthdays or as a thank you gesture. 4. The DIY One Sandy Leaf Farm Ultimate Gin Maker's Kit Contents: Spice blends ready to be mixed with 700ml of Vodka per batch (Vodka not included). Juniper berries, botanicals, funnel, metal strainer, kraft paper bottle bags, testing pipettes. Price: Approx £25 Presentation: Wrapped in a plain gift box, and ready to be opened and enjoyed. Includes a gift card for you to add your own personalised message. Best Bits: The recipient can make 10 bottles of their own gin in a range of flavours including orange, pink and chocolate. They can learn whilst having fun and be proud of their creations. Ideal for beginners who love gin. Obviously, there’s no ready-to-drink gin included in this gift and they need to add the Vodka, but still, this a cool gin gift. 5. The Grow Your Own One The Botanist Gin Herb Planter Gift Pack Contents: 70cl Botanist Gin and herb planter (seeds not included) Price: Approx £39 Presentation: Standard packaging (see picture) Best Bits: A classy looking set with a bottle worthy of display. The recipient can grow their own garnish with the included herb planter, although they need to add their own seeds. From the Scottish Island of Islay, this Dry Gin boasts a unique taste and fruity menthol aroma. 6. The Standard One Gordon's Premium Pink Gin Gift Set Contents: 2 miniature bottles of Gordon's premium pink distilled gin (5cl), 2 official Gordon’s Premium Pink balloon Copa glasses and botanicals (3g dried hibiscus flower and 12g juniper berries). Price: Approx £20 Presentation: Presented in a standard branded presentation box, similar to what you’d see on the shelf in a supermarket. Best Bits: With pink gin being the most popular type of gin and Gordon’s being a well-recognised brand, you can’t go wrong with this set, just don’t expect luxury. 7. The Mulled One Edinburgh Gin Mulled Gin Gift Set With Glasses Contents: 1 x 50cl Edinburgh Gin Mulled Gin Liqueur, 1 x bag of mulled spices, 2 x Edinburgh Gin Glasses Price: Approx £34 Presentation: Presented in a clever book casing style, this set really could blend in on your bookshelf. A very well-presented set with a slightly expensive feel. Best Bits: This winter’s cocktail, as the brand calls itself, is a set for a certain taste. A mulled gin lovers’ ideal gift. A beautiful present to give with its bookcase packaging. 8. The Minibar One MicroBarBox 7 Gin Heaven Gift Set Contents: 50ml Hendrick's Gin 50ml Sipsmith Gin, 50ml Edinburgh Gin, 50ml Bombay Sapphire Gin 50ml Chase GB Gin, 50ml Bedrock Gin 50ml Martin Miller's Gin, Fentimans mixers Price: Approx £56 Presentation: Presented in a beautiful gift box this set opens up to display the contents like the door of a minibar. A well-thought-out design. Best Bits: This is a set I am going to buy for my wife. Everything you need to create a mix of gin drinks with easy-to-follow instructions, presented in a gift-worthy box. This one’s a winner for me and the many other reviewers who have raved about it. 9. The Can't Choose One One Edinburgh Gin, 12 x 5cl Flavoured Gin Storybook Gift Set Contents: 1 x Edinburgh Gin Classic, 1 x Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, 1 x Edinburgh Gin Lemon & Jasmine Gin, 1 x Edinburgh Gin Gooseberry & Elderflower, 1 x Edinburgh Gin Orange Blossom & Mandarin, 1 x Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Gin Liqueur, 1 x Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur, 1 x Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Gin Liqueur, 1 x Edinburgh Gin Strawberry & Pink Pepper Gin Liqueur, 1 x Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla Gin Liqueur. Price: Approx £50 Presentation: Presented in a clever book casing style, this set really could blend in on your bookshelf. A very well-presented set with a slightly expensive feel. Best Bits: This set has something for every palete. Perfect for the gin explorer or the can’t-decider. I love the presentation. The brand offers a variety of different gin sets, all with the same bookcase packaging so you could collect them. 10. The Personalised One Personalised Premium Distilled Gordon's Pink Gin Gift Set Contents: Personalised Presentation box, 1 x 70cl Gordon's Premium Distilled Pink Gin, 2 x 250ml Fentimans Rose Lemonade Price: Approx £43 Presentation: Your gin is presented in a personalised box so you can add a name of your choice. Best Bits: The personalisation is perfect for adding that special touch to your gift. This a gift your recipient can keep forever, not just until the bottle’s empty. Don’t expect luxury box material, simply an affordable personalised gift. Round-up of my top 10 gin gift sets for her No matter your budget, your recipient's tastes, or their favourite brand of gin, there’s something on this list for everyone. I’ll be purchasing the Edinburgh Gin Story Book gift set for my wife’s birthday this year, she never knows what gin to buy, with this gift she can try them all! What are some other Gin inspired gifts she might like? On my hunt for the best gin sets for her, I came across some other cool gin gift ideas, take a look at my favourite 5 finds: Acrylic Box Neon - Gin Bar This hand made neon sign glass box would look awesome on a home bar on top of the beer fridge. However be cautious if purchasing as there is a lack of reviews. Gin the Mood: 50 Gin recipes This cocktail recipe book will keep them inspired with new cocktail ideas throughout the seasons. Classics, contemporary, and must-haves, there’s something for all tastes. Gin Themed Trivia Board Game Move around the table by answer questions on history, mixology, gin-iuses, and more. No drinking required, just some fun for the gin enthusiast. An ideal after-dinner party game. Gin & Tonic Lip Balm by The Prohibition Co. Your recipient can enjoy lip protection and great flavour with this lip balm gift. And bonus, it’s made with 99% organic ingredients. Personalised Gin Glasses for Gin Lovers This duo of 700ml handblown crystal engraved glasses make a beautiful addition to your recipient's bar. You even get a choice of fonts with your personalisation. Conclusion I hope I was able to help you find the perfect gin gift. I’ll be keeping this article updated with my latest finds, so feel free to bookmark this page and return, or even share it with your friends. Take a look at my other gifting articles if you need some further inspiration. Jen – Author, Tried and Loved. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn from qualifying purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, to help you make the best choices.

  • Best Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone Apple Watch and AirPods under £100

    Are you stocking up on more and more portable devices? How do you keep them all charged without creating a spaghetti junction of cables? Thankfully Qi and MagSafe technology allow us to wirelessly charge our tech. I’m going to share with you my 3 best all-in-one wireless charging docks for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. All which are under £100 I'll be delving into the pros and cons of each of my top 3 charging docks, including how the tech works, charging power and more. Top 3 wireless charging docks Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger (7.5W Wireless Charging Station for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods) Mophie 3 in 1 Wireless Charge Pad (Qi Wireless 7.5W Charging Pad for Apple iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch) Teminice 4 in 1 Wireless Charger (for Apple iPhone, Watch & AirPods & Pencil) I’m a wireless charging station user myself, I use the Teminice 4-in-1 charger in my office. The Belkin and Mophie models got themselves in to my top 3 after extensive research into more than 30 popular wireless charging options. This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. Let's take a closer look at why these are my top 3: No.1: Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. Price: Approx £99.00 | Colours: Black or White | Size: H12.14 x W10.24 x D19.05cm Power: Qi-enabled iPhones at 7.5W, Apple Watch and AirPods at 5W Works with: iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, Apple Watch 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, AirPods 2, AirPods Pro Charges through a case? Yes, up to 3mm thick Pros of the Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station Upright charging The iPhone charging stand holds an iPhone at approximately a 15 degree angle. The angle helps make notifications and message pop ups easy to read. Intuitive design With obvious places to pop your devices, there is no fiddling to get the charging spot right. Suitable for nightstand mode The Apple Watch charging point is upright, enabling you to use your watch in nightstand mode. Nightstand mode shows the clock on your watch in full screen, as well as date, charge and alarm time. LED indicator No need to tap your devices to check if they are charging, the small LED indicator shows that for you. Singular cable Only 1 wire exits from the back of the charging dock, keeping your space tidy. Good price for top brand Belkin are the No.1 third-party supplier of wireless charging devices. Therefore this 3-in-1 charging station is a bargain for under £100 Cons of the Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station All plastic The all plastic design brings a cheaper look to the product and obviously means it's not environmentally friendly either. AirPods and Apple Watch charging points close together Charging points are closely located, if you're not careful you can knock one or the other off their charging positions. Apple Watch charging point is a different colour The charging circle on the black model is a lighter colour than the rest of the dock. When an Apple Watch is not charging you can see the circle doesn’t match the colour of the rest of the dock which spoils the aesthetic design. Overview of the Belkin Charging Dock When I purchased my charging station, I chose a budget brand, a low price was the strongest factor in my decision. Money aside, I would choose this Belkin charging station for the brand reputation and the nightstand mode ability for the Apple Watch. No.2: Morphie 3-in-1 Wireless Charge Pad for Apple iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch Approx: £95.00 | Colours: Black (plastic), grey (fabric) | Size: W7.25 x H4.0 x D4.0 in Power: Qi-enabled iPhones at 7.5 W, Apple Watch and AirPods at 5 W Works With: iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, Apple Watch 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, AirPods 2, AirPods Pro Charges through a case? Yes, up to 3mm thick Pros of Morphie 3-in-1 Wireless Charge Pad for Apple iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch Classy material Dark grey suede covers the top flat area of the pad, giving it a classy look. Perfect for the bedroom or office. Singular cable One wire from the back of the charging dock keeps your space neat and tidy. Suitable for nightstand mode Like the Belkin model, the Apple Watch charging point is upright, enabling you to use your watch in nightstand mode. Nightstand mode shows the clock on your watch in full screen, as well as date, charge and alarm time. Extra support A small protruding notch helps to hold the Apple Watch and stops it slipping off. Intuitive Design The Airpod charging area is easy to find via an indentation in the material Cons of Morphie 3-in-1 Wireless Charge Pad for Apple iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch Limited iPhone charging positions You can spot iPhone charging area by the Morphie logo. Yet the phone position must be matched exactly over the coils to be able to charge. AirPod Pro’s don’t fit The case for AirPod Pro’s is larger than the indented area for AirPod charging. AirPod Pro's may not sit in the charging slot properly but are still able to charge. Overview of Morphie Charging Pad Customer reviews were super positive on the most part about this Morphie product. Based on reviews alone I’d be tempted to buy, but due to already owning a pair of original AirPods (non-wireless charging), this limited my choice which is why I brought the Teminice 4-in-1 charger. If you own a pair of Wireless charging AirPods the Morphie Charging Pad would work for you. No.3: Teminice 4 in 1 Wireless Charger for Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods & Apple Pencil Price: Approx £30 | Colours: Black | Size: W17 x H8.5 x D1 cm Power: 7.5W/5W for phone, 5W for AirPods, 2W for Apple Watch, 2W for iPencil Works With: iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, Apple Watch 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, AirPods 2, AirPods Pro Charges through a case? Yes, up to 3mm thick Pros of Teminice 4 in 1 Wireless Charger for Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods & Apple Pencil Design is intuitive With obvious places to pop your devices, it's easy to dock and run. You won't have to wait to see if the device is charging, there's not really any room for error. Airpod charging dock The Airpod charging area may not be wireless, but it accommodates all AirPod models. That includes the original AirPods which do not have wireless charging technology. Non-slip mats at the base The extra support means the charging station is stable on all tabletop materials. Portrait and landscape charging You can charge your iPhone vertically or horizontally. This feature allows you to watch a movie, play a game or chat to friends whilst charging. One cable Like the other models in this article just one wire comes from the back, keeping your space clear. Led Indicator Checking if your devices are charging is easy with the LED indicator. Adjustable angle The Teminice charging station offers 2 leaning angles for your iPhone which you can adjust these easily from the back of the station. It’s super cheap Best of all, this device is under £30! I’ve had mine for 6 months and it works perfectly for my needs without breaking the bank. Cons of Teminice 4 in 1 Wireless Charger for Apple iPhone, Watch, AirPods & Pencil All plastic Not as professional looking as the Morphie 3-in-1's suede design, and of course, like the Belkin model being all plastic, it's not environmentally friendly. Only charges original Apple Pencil The Teminice Apple charging station offers wireless charging for iPhone and Apple Watch, but docked, lightening charging for Apple Pencil and AirPods. Only original Apple Pencils can charge through this station, the Apple Pencil 2 only charges wirelessly and doesn't have lightening docking ability. I have an Apple Pencil 2 and I am unable to charge my pencil on this device. Not that it worries me, as I continue to snap the pencil to my iPad (magnetically) for charging. Overview of Teminice Charger I am 100% happy with my Teminice 4 in 1 Wireless Charger. I spent less than £30 on a device I use every day at my desk. I love the upright iPhone stand as I can read notifications as they pop up. The plastic design doesn’t make the product look or feel high quality, yet it’s simple and reliable functionality makes up for that. For anyone on a budget, this is the charger for you. My conclusion of the best wireless charging dock for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods If you’re looking for a budget multi-device charging station, then the Teminice 4-in-1 is a winner. However, if money is no question, I'd personally go for the Belkin 3-in-1 charging station. You may be asking, what about Apple? Do Apple offer any products for wireless charging? They do yes, but to better describe the options from Apple, let's look at the wireless technology in a little more detail: What is Qi? Qi is wireless charging technology (through very short distances) and allows for easy charging, no cables, no fuss, no mess. What iPhones have Qi wireless charging? At the time of writing Apple iPhone: 12 Pro Max, 12 Pro, 12, 12 mini, SE 2020, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS, Max XS, XR, 8, 8 Plus Can you wirelessly charge older Apple iPhone models? Short answer, yes. Long answer, you’ll need an adapter. The adapter plugs into your phone's port, however that then renders your port unusable for anything else. How much power should a charger or charging station have? Qi enabled iPhones can charge at 7.5 watts, and up to 5 watts for Apple Watch and AirPods. Some Android devices can charge a lot faster, but I’m sure Apple won’t sit in the slow lane for long. I’ve found my 7.5 watt wireless charger will charge my iPhone XS Max approx. 15%-20% in half an hour. What is MagSafe? MagSafe is a technology made by Apple, and is a magnetic ‘snap on’ technology. MagSafe chargers for Macbooks have been around for years and was introduced for the iPhone 12 in 2020. The biggest benefit of MagSafe wireless charging for iPhone is the speed of the charge; doubling the previous wattage in Qi versions to 15 watts. The downside to MagSafe is that you can only use MagSafe tech through Apple currently. What iPhones have MagSafe functionality? The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and likely future iPhones. What are some MagSafe for iPhone Chargers? Apple MagSafe Charger Apple MagSafe Duo Charger Are there other note-worthy charging docks? As I said at the start, there are so many wireless charging stations to choose from, picking a top 3 was tough. Here’s another 3 wireless chargers that almost made my cut, or might be off topic slightly but are still worth a shout out: Anker Wireless Charger Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad In Conclusion My best advice would be to consider what devices you have and what charging stations cover all your device needs. Consider when you might upgrade your devices, plus if you will be getting a MagSafe capable device. Try and shop for a combination of both now and the future. Which charging dock did you go with? Let me know if there's an alternative station you feel is a winner too. If you'd like to read more technology or office gadget articles take a look at my 'For Business' page. Jen - Author, Tried and Loved. Notes: Prices and features correct at the time of writing. As an ambassador, I may earn a commission on purchases made through links on this page.

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