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Is the Peloton Subscription (UK) Worth The Cost?

There are so many wellness apps on the market, how do you choose which one is worth your precious time and money? Are the OnePeloton (Peloton) adverts featuring happy sweaty riders a true depiction of what it's like to train with Peloton? Or is it just an engaging advert?

I'm going to answer all your questions about the app subscription here. Is it worth the cost? Do you need a Peloton bike to use the app? Can the Peleton instructors see you? What devices can you access the app on? What types of classes are available on the app? Plus a list of pro's and con's to help you decide if a Peloton Subscription (UK) is for you.

This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn from qualifying purchases.

Some context

I'm a dance teacher by trade, I teach 3 evenings a week as well as work on ad hoc dance projects, so my job is fairly active. However, I do struggle with putting on weight easily, over the years I have tried many different eating changes and fitness classes or sports including playing squash, attending Body Jam, Body Attack and Body Pump classes to try and look after my weight, physique and general fitness level.

I was in my best physical shape around 4 years ago when I'd trained with a PT and worked out every day doing mainly HIIT cardio/strength combos, along with eating well. I was in training for a month-long stint of performing in South Africa, and I felt awesome!

Since then, long story short, I've eaten as I've pleased and even just for the sake of it. I stopped all additional exercise outside of my work, and I put on 3 and a half stone (3 dress sizes). In March 2021 I finally reached the point where I was so unhappy with my physical wellbeing, and in some respects my mental wellbeing too, that I had to find some guidance to get me back in shape.

With the help of an incredible book Mind. Body. Miracle. by Jaclyn Dunne and Peloton being the first brand that came into my mind (thanks to their great advertising), I opened the App Store and downloaded Peloton to see what the fuss was about, hoping it would help motivate and guide me in my workouts.

What is the Peloton Digital Membership and what devices can I get it on.

As Peloton themselves describe the membership, it's 'fitness that fits your life', containing over 10 types of workouts both on-demand and live!

Peloton app categories include:

  • Strength

  • Yoga

  • Cardio

  • Meditation

  • Running

  • Outdoor

  • Cycling

  • Stretching

  • Tread Bootcamp

  • Bike Bootcamp

  • Walking

  • and more...

There are tens if not hundreds of classes to choose from within each of those 10 categories, and it's forever increasing, you'll certainly never get bored!

The app's digital membership is an individual membership (compared to the all-access membership which is for your entire household and what you'll need if you use an official Peloton bike - more on this later). You can use the digital membership on your phone, tablet, Smart TV or web browser.

I use Peloton on my iPhone and pop it on my camera tripod to be able to set the height and angle dependant on what type of workout I'm doing.

Amazon Basics range offers great value for money with their tripods and phone holder add-ons. Be sure to add the phone holder clip as tripods don't usually come with these. the clip will screw onto the top of the tripod.

I'm writing this post as a UK user, you can also get access to the Peloton digital membership in the US, Germany and Canada.

How much is the Peloton app UK?

Firstly, your first 30 days are free! That was the tipping point for me that made me download the app, I knew if it wasn't for me after a few weeks I could try something else at no cost to me, however after just 1 week I was hooked!

The subscription for the Peloton digital membership (which I have) is £12.99 per month. As a digital membership user, I use the app every morning, I feel it's the best 43p per day I could ever spend on myself.

The £12.99 per month is charged through Apple in the normal way an app would be so no long-winded forms or direct debit mandates to fill out.

Why is the Peloton app cheaper than the bike subscription?

If you have the Peloton Bike or Treadmill you will need the Peloton All Access membership (£39.99 per month) to reap the full benefits of your real-time workout metrics, leaderboards and tracking your progress over time. This All-Access membership also grants you full access to the app.

The all-access membership also allows for your entire house hold to use it where as the Peleton digital app is just for individual users.

Do you need a Peloton bike to use the app (UK)?

Certainly not! I don't have the Peloton bike, I brought an Opti indoor bike from Argos back in 2018 and it only saw my backside twice in 3 years until March this year, now my behind is a regular visitor!

Serious cyclers - I know this is essentially a budget bike, but it's done the trick for me so far without having to purchase a Peloton bike to date.

Based on customer reviews across many platforms it seems the JLL IC300 PRO Indoor bike is one of the top consumer choices as an indoor bike for value for money.

The downside to not having the Peloton bike is that I don't know my cadence or residence figures during a ride.

The first ride or two with the Peloton I wasn't sure if that would be an issue, then I came to realise the instructors are great at setting the cadence for their intervals as the BPM (beats per minute) of the song, so I just stay on beat, and as a dancer, that's easy-breezy!

Resistance, the instructor will usually say a range of, for example, 35-40, and on my bike it doesn't have resistance numbers on the dial, however, the majority of instructors will also tell you how the resistance should 'feel': light, moderate, heavy, sticky, max work etc so you can gauge roughly where your resistance dial should be if not using a Peloton bike.

Over the few months I've taken Peloton App rides, I've gotten more comfortable with how certain resistance levels feel and I don't think I'm missing out on not having the Peloton bike.

Bonus Tip: Invest in some comfort for your bottom! Riding a few times a week, your behind might need some TLC! I invested in cycling shorts with a padded underside that I wear under my workout clothes, it's certainly not the most attractive garment I own but it does the trick! I also invested in a gel cover for the bike seat.

Update since writing this first article: I was extremely, shocked, lucky and grateful to find out my Dad had purchased a Peloton Bike+ for me for my birthday, I know, lucky right! I am loving the Peloton Bike and will be writing a full review soon. In the meantime if you're thinking of purchasing a Peloton Bike yourself, here's my referral code that will get you £100 of accessories FREE with your Bike purchase: 6F5UTJ (and I'll receive £100 voucher for apparel too, win-win)

Is the Peloton app worth it without the bike?

100% yes from me! I have used the app every day for the last few months and I cannot get enough! I use on-demand cycling 4 times a week, yoga 3 times a week, meditation every day, stretching once a week, strength workouts 4 times a week and the odd cardio HIIT for good measure. For £12.99 per month, I'm certainly getting super-value for money.

Every instructor in every class is motivational, pushes you, yet allows for everyone's differences. I have 6 or 7 favourite instructors and I schedule their classes the majority of the time.

Scheduling! This part is awesome. Who wants to waste time wondering what workout to do that morning? I set aside 10 minutes on a Sunday to schedule all my classes for the coming week. Whether it's a live or on-demand class, I can schedule all my classes so that when I wake up, I just tap once and I'm ready to go!

When I began with Peloton I didn't know what classes to choose or what to expect, so I began with Pelotons suggested programmes to test the water: Crush Your Core, Mastering The Basics Of Cycling and Beginner Yoga. Now I choose my own classes based on what I enjoy, however, the programmes were an enjoyable guided introduction to Peloton.

Bonus Tip: When selecting classes, use the filter feature. You can filter out classes you've taken before if you want to try something new, you can choose the length, instructor, level, type of class (e.g. Core, Upper Body, Lower Body etc), music genre and much more!

Can Peloton Instructors see you?

Nope, they cannot see you working out on either the digital app or all-access membership, however, they can see your membership handle on the leader board and if it's your birthday or a workout milestone, so be prepared for a possible shout-out if it's a live workout!

Can I get the Peloton app on my TV?

You can if you have a smart TV or if you download the app via a Roku or Amazon Firestick for example. Sky has now added Peloton to their repertoire of apps, although there are limitations on the TV version of the app, scheduling being one, so I'd suggest using the app on your portable device if you want use of all the features.

Do you need any equipment to enjoy Peloton App?

There are tons of bodyweight-only classes that require zero equipment, but once I knew Peloton was for me I purchased and obtained a few extras including light, medium and heavy weights, yoga blocks and strap and a workout/yoga mat.

Here are some items I brought or have similar of:

Summary of Peloton app review (UK):

Peloton Digital gets a MASSIVE thumbs up from me. It's a hassle-free and relatively cheap way to get and keep my mind and body well, the best investment I've made on me, ever!

I never run out of choices of classes, there's always something new, I can work out at times that suit me and I trust the instructors, they give great direction to the form and technique of movement, which I value highly as a dance instructor.

Bonus Tip: Some categories, like Yoga, for example, have a library of basic foundational movements and concepts so you can learn about the poses in more depth before attacking them in a flow.

Peloton digital membership app pros:

  • Only 43p per day

  • Hundreds of classes to choose from

  • New classes added all the time

  • 10 categories of classes

  • Many lengths of classes to fit your schedule

  • On-demand options

  • Live class options

  • Earn rewards/badges

  • Inspirational instructors

  • Technique and form advice

  • Take part in challenges

  • Easy to schedule classes

  • You don't need the Peloton bike to use the app

Peloton digital membership app cons:

  • You don't know your exact metrics on the bike/tradmill

  • TV app not as functional as mobile device version

Final Conclusion on the Peloton app, is it worth the cost?

Try it, you won't be disappointed for 43p per day. Plus there's a 30-day free trial, so what have you got to lose?!

Want to connect with me on Peloton? My handle is @jennybater see you there future Pelotoners!

Jenny - Author


This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn from qualifying purchases.


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