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Riverford Refer A Friend Scheme? Or Riverford Discount Code?

Riverford offers farm fresh organic produce delivered right to your door every week, grown for its flavour, rather than a mass retail sale! And to top it off, delivery is free!

But there's another perk at Riverford, Refer A Friend, and you'll both get money off your Riverford deliveries. Essentially it's the same as having a Riverford organic discount code and super easy to use. Find out how below.


Fourteen thousand plus people on Trustpilot agree, like me, Riverford veg box deliveries are AMAZING, their Trustpilot rating is a whopping 4.8 out of 5 stars overall at the time of writing and they are number 1 on Trustpilot for organic veg boxes.

What is Riverford's Refer a Friend Scheme?

Riverford's website states: "Refer a friend to Riverford, and we’ll give you each £15 as a little thank-you. We'll also plant a tree on organic farmland to support our agroforestry project. Help us plant trees, and help your friends revolutionise the way they cook and eat!"

It's so simple to use for both you and your friend. How does it work?

As a Riverford customer, you get a unique link to give to your friend, you'll find this link once logged in to the website, by clicking on 'Your Account'. Your friend then signs up via that link, and you'll get an email from Riverford saying thank you and £15 credit has been added to your account. When you then place your order on Riverford you can clearly see the discount come off of the total at the bottom.

You can have more than one referral discount on the same order, the credit just keeps accumulating! It's a win-win - you introduce a friend to an incredibly forward-thinking company and high-quality organic food, and you get that food discounted or free. #Winning!

Your friend will receive their £15 discount on their second delivery. They will also then have the chance to share their unique link and Refer A Friend themselves.

Last week, 3 friends and friends of friends signed up with my link, I received my organic veg box, organic fruit box, a rack of lamb and 4 burgers - completely free! Dinners and snacks for a week for my partner and I.

What makes the Riverford Refer A Friend offer so great, is not just the discount, but sharing a level of trust, Riverford is a company I trust for taking it's environmental responsibility seriously and being innovative with its systems. You can read more in the next section on this.


Throughout this article click on any 'Riverford' link to claim your £15 credit on a veg box from Riverford, that's my personal referral code on the Riverford Refer a Friend scheme and yep I'll get £15 credit too. Riverford will even plant a native tree on their farmland for good measure! No Riverford discount code is needed, simply click one of the Riverford links to redeem.

It is worth me making clear that here on my Tried and Loved blog, I only write about products and services I genuinely LOVE, that's why I rave all things Peloton on here haha, I'm obsessed! Anyway, I digress, rest assured, Riverford is genuinely awesome!

Get involved in the Riverford organic Refer a Friend scheme to help support a sustainable future

Organic veg boxes contain produce fresh from the farm and free from added chemicals. Veg are grown for flavour and not commercial-scale demand. Plus, organic veg boxes help support local farmers, at Riverford 80% of their produce is grown here in UK farms.

By having a weekly box of freshly delivered seasonal veg, you are encouraged to eat/cook seasonally, again supporting non-mass-commercial-growing, as well as encouraging you to add more veg in general to your diet.

My boxes of delectable produce certainly help me avoid waste. I love to use up every last leaf of my delivery, and as we are all most likely very aware right now, lowering our food waste plays a big part in helping to look after our planet.

"Cutting food waste can help the climate. Every day in the UK we waste 20m slices of bread, 280 tonnes of poultry, 4.4m potatoes and much more. Households squander about 70% of the UK's 9.5m tonnes of waste food every year. About a third of all the world’s food goes to waste, and producing, transporting and letting that food rot releases 8-10% of global greenhouse gases" - The Guardian*

Riverford plants a tree every time a friend is referred by you, contributing to an all-around regenerative agricultural system. Check out their video:

Riverford uses local delivery drivers, all of which will be driving 100% electric cars by 2025.

All of Riverford's fruit and veg packaging is either home compostable or made from paper, that's if it's needed at all. Riverford save 21 tonnes of plastic every year!

Oh, and their delivery boxes are reusable, you leave them out for the delivery driver to collect, boxes can be reused up to 10 times!

For me, Riverford is a no-brainer. Before signing up to Riverford, I'd been saying to my wife for some time- 'I'd love to learn to cook more seasonally' and my wish came true!

I look forward to using Riverford veg boxes throughout the upcoming seasons and learning new ways to enjoy produce when it's at its natural best.

Want to find out more about Riverford veg boxes? Take a look at my Riverford Veg Box Review post.

Happy Referring!


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