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Best Todoist Templates

Todoist, the task management software, offers an inspirational range of templates for projects, but which are the best Todoist templates? Are you an experienced Todoist user looking for templates that will help your productivity and organisation? Or perhaps you’re somebody looking to try Todoist for the first time and checking out the templates on offer? Either way I’ve got some awesome templates for you in this article.

Best Todoist Templates

What do I think are the best Todoist templates?

We have so many to choose from it's hard to pick a top five, however I'm going to share with you the five Todoist templates I've used, or have used then adapted, to suit my business or personal needs, and therefore to me, these are the best.

My 5 best Todoist templates are:

As a Todoist user myself, and a proud Todoist Ambassador, I can say with 100% confidence that this task manager has transformed the way I work, helping me manage my time better to increase business productivity, and keep my personal life in check.

Todoist Ambassador Badge

Running two limited companies requires careful use of my time. Previous to using Todoist I had tried other tools including Microsoft OneNote to manage tasks. OneNote has some great features, however I never felt that I was on top of juggling projects and campaigns with it. I was using it more like a notepad of things I shouldn't forget to do, but with no scheduled date to be completed by, I ‘d always find myself a little lost as to where I was in any given project.

I also used OneNote as a place to take notes at meetings or to brainstorm. I'm sure there are many helpful features to OneNote that I'm unaware of and need to learn, yet I was finding myself more and more out of control of the continued increase in tasks as my businesses grew… Enter Todoist.

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Can you use Templates on the Free Plan?

Good news, with the Todoist 2021 free plan update, you can use Todoist templates on the free plan! Todoist’s premium and business plans offer a whole range of additional features, which used to include the use of templates, but now they're on the free plan too.

To find out what other features Todoist added to free plans take a look at my Todoist Free vs Premium comparison post.

How many templates are there on Todoist?

At the time of writing, there are approximately 50+ templates available for premium or business users of Todoist. Whether it's to help you organise your personal finances, help plan an event, or to track a campaign, Todoist has it all covered with templates, select Resources then Templates on Todoist to see all the templates on offer.

My 5 Best Todoist Templates In Detail

5. Social Media Calendar template

Screenshot of Social Media Calendar Template on Todoist

Screenshot of social media calendar template from Todoist resources*

The social media calendar template was the very first template I added to my Todoist projects list. I use Buffer to schedule my social media campaign posts, and I use that because it's one of the cheapest social schedulers on the market for the simple tasks I need it to do. Then I use Todoist’s social media calendar template as a place to plan and brainstorm content that I can then create and schedule in Buffer.

From what I've seen, the social media calendar template seems to be one of the simplest templates that Todoist offers; separating the project into sections by week. I took that template and adapted it for my needs. I now have sections for general reoccurring social media tasks like commenting, adding ALT tags and posting on reels etc. I also brainstorm TikTok video ideas and plan out the next week of social posts.

Take a look at the screenshot Todoist example of how I use my social media calendar with Todoist boards:

Screenshot of my Social Media Calendar Template on Todoist

4. Blog Post template

If you're new to blogging this is a great template to get you started and make sure that you don't miss an important part of creating a successful blog.

Screenshot of Blog Post Template on Todoist

Screenshot of blog post template from Todoist resources*

I added this template to my Todoist purely to get inspiration. Let me explain; the blog post template on Todoist comes across to me as more of a general template in terms of researching ideas and what to do from that initial research. Whereas I already have a blog research and brainstorming section in Todoist that work for me. Once I've decided upon the article I'd like to write, I create a task for that one article with subtasks reminding me of all the steps I need to take to ensure its success. That's where the blog post template comes in handy, it acts as a checklist for my subtasks, so I don’t miss an important step of getting the article published. Take a look at the screenshot of how I’ve used subtasks inspired by the blog post template:

Screenshot of my blog post Template on Todoist

3. Book Writing template

This template is one I've used pretty recently, I've always wanted to write a children's book that encouraged youngsters to dance and showed them the benefits of dance in a fun characterful way. Never having written a book before, I obviously hit Google up with questions like where to begin writing a children's book? How to get a children’s book published? What's the best format to plan a book? At that point I checked Todoist to see if they had any templates to help.

Screenshot of Book Writing Template on Todoist

Screenshot of book writing template from Todoist resources*

I found the book writing template which gave a basic outline of the tasks I would need to complete to get a book from my brain on to the printed page, along with some tips and tools to help with planning the content of my book. Good news, at the time of writing this article, my children’s book is being illustrated!

2. Accounting Tasks template

Screenshot of Accounting Tasks Template on Todoist

Screenshot of accounting tasks template from Todoist resources*

I initially installed the accounting tasks template when I first used Todoist and I found on the most part, it helped me as a checklist of things not to forget. It’s ideal for any small business finding their feet in trying to initiate a process to their accounting. However, as time has gone on I've created my own accounting project in Todoist which has been inspired by the accounting tasks template.

I wanted to keep a log of outstanding invoices in and out, in the same place where my repeating tasks for accounting were. So now I have sections for invoices and sections for reoccurring accounting tasks. I also use subtasks with similarities to the list on the accounting tasks template, take a look at the screenshot of my accounting project:

Screenshot of Accounting Tasks Template on Todoist

1. Goal Tracker template

My most recent addition to my Todoist is the goal tracker template. I've only recently found this one, and I am extremely excited to use it. I haven't penned in my exact goals as tasks yet; I've been taking the time to brainstorm the most important goals for me. I hope to be ready to add my goal tasks within the next week.

Screenshot of Goal Tracker Template on Todoist

Screenshot of goal tracker template from Todoist resources*

I get excited imagining how satisfying it will be to hear that little sound that Todoist plays when you complete a task from this goal list.

In Conclusion

I have personally found that Todoist templates are a brilliant framework or source of inspiration for projects that can then be adapted for any individual or business. Take for example the social media calendar template I mentioned; I took the basic elements and adapted it with new sections and tasks to suit my way of working.

If you're still unsure after reading this article whether Todoist is for you, why not download the app and try the free version first? Or even better, take a look at my comparison of free vs Premium Todoist

Thanks for taking the time to read this article on the best Todoist templates. If you want to find out what I really think of the key Todoist features, you can read my review of the software as a whole. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to see new Todoist article or other business based articles.

Let me know what your favourite templates are.

Jen - Tried and Loved author


*References and screen shots

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