Todoist Free vs Premium?

Trying to decide if you should spend the money on the Premium version of Todoist? Do you want to see the differences between Todoist Premium and Free? I've got it all right here.

Firstly, Let me give you my personal favourite immediately, go Premium! Not to say the Free version isn't a great place to find your feet if you're new to the app, but if, like me, you juggle a multitude of projects, you'll likely want to swiftly move to Premium to take advantage of it's incredible features. Let's back that up with some reasons and comparisons.

We'll look at these areas of comparison for Todoist Free vs. Premium:

  1. Cost

  2. Projects and Tasks

  3. Labels and Filters

  4. People and Teams

  5. Comments and Files

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A little context, I'm a proud Todoist Ambassador, who loves all things 'Todoist'. As a busy company director, I've tried many different task management apps over the past 20 years. Todoist is the first and only one that takes away my anxiety of forgetting something. In fact, I've never been more productive! I'm super pumped to share my comparisons of Todoist Premium vs Free with you.

1. The Cost: Todoist Free vs Premium

At the time of writing this article, Todoist Premium works out to $3/£3 per month if you pay annually. It slightly increases to $4/£4 per month if you choose to pay monthly. I personally pay £36 upfront for the year. I can hear you saying 'Ok…but £36 is a lot different from Free'. Correct, but let's look at the value it brings: £36 over 365 days of the year is less than 10p per day. So now ask yourself this question: would you pay 10p per day to get your personal and work tasks in order, feel super organised and give yourself the best chance of increasing productivity? Or put it another way - would you consider swapping the £36 you spend on 10 x coffee house cappuccinos in a year, for a piece of software that helps you every hour of every day to get organised? I know I would, and I do!

So the Free version is obviously no cost to you, yet there are some feature sacrifices for the freeness, and we'll go into some feature differences further down. But if you are tentatively looking to download Todoist, the Free option is perfect for getting an overall opinion of the basics of the software in my opinion, so I'd use it (and did use it) as a limited feature trial or taster period if you need to.

2. Projects and Tasks: Todoist Free vs Premium

Let's look at the basic project and task facts first...

Todoist Free:

Active Projects: 80

Reoccurring dates: Yes

Task Priorities: Yes

Reminders: No

Todoist Premium:

Active Projects: 300

Reoccurring dates: Yes

Task Priorities: Yes

Reminders: Yes

The biggest difference in the area of project and tasks is the number of projects you can add. I personally use only 16 projects, yet I utilise sections to split them up, then add tasks and subtasks. I keep my project subjects very broad. However, if you prefer to use projects for each slight variant of work, you may find yourself running short of projects at 80 in the Free version.

Most of my own tasks are repeatable, so I use the reoccurring date feature every day. I also have a code for how I use flags (task priorities) Red P1 for tasks that cannot be left or must be done. Orange P2 for those I should do and if I don't, there will be consequences. Blue P3 for the ones I'd ideally like to get done, and P4 for unimportant items or notes. This code helps me manage my time - Red's first, oranges second etc, no deflecting from the plan.

So in conclusion, when it comes to the number of projects, the reoccurring date feature and task priorities, in my opinion Free and Premium come out equal as you can do the same on both, yet, if you are someone who'd split projects up in more detail, then you're likely going to need the Premium service.

The reminders feature is only available in the Premium version too. I don't personally need or use the reminders as my Todoist app is always open on my computer screen, and the widget of upcoming tasks sits on the front page of my iPhone, so reminders are not a major contender in my preference of Free or Premium here.

3. Labels and Filters

100% Premium is the only choice for users of filters and labels. Firstly these features are not enabled on the Free version, and secondly, these are my favourite features on Todoist and the main reason I chose Todoist over other task management apps.

I use labels to 'tag' tasks across projects. For example I have a label called 'WAITING' which I add to any tasks where I'm waiting for someone outside the company to do something or reply in order for me to be able to complete the task. I then have one weekly reoccurring task to chase all tasks with the 'WAITING' label, which Todoist cleverly shows me as a list in priority order.

What I also love about labels is how their colour can make a task stand out amongst a long list of tasks. Again if I use my 'WAITING' (red) label as an example, in today's view, I might have a task with that label that stands out in red, so I know to do that task first in the morning. This allows the person whom I'm waiting on time to get back to me, so I have a chance of completing the task that day.

Geeking out now, I love to write an instruction for a filter! Using simple '&, ! and @' symbols, I can instruct Todoist to show me bespoke filtered task lists. Let me give you an example: I use a filter to show me all tasks in P1 (top priority), that haven't been scheduled yet, and that I'm not 'WAITING' on a reply for. I then use this filtered list to select top priority tasks that I want to schedule for 'this week'. Here's what the filter instruction would look like:

no date & !@WAITING & !recurring & P1

It's not as scary as it looks, see:

no date = select all tasks without a date

& !WAITING = and select tasks without the label 'WAITING'

& !recurring = and select tasks that are not recurring

& P1 = and select tasks that have Priority 1 flag

Once you get the hang of how to use these symbols as instructions, the world is your oyster! Or at least Todoist is! This is why I chose Todoist over other task management apps, as I can customise lists to suit the way I work, I'm not governed by what the app developer thinks I need to see.

4. People and Teams

Let's look at the basic people and teams facts first...

Todoist Free:

People per project: 5

Shared team Inbox: No

Admin & member roles: No

Team Billing: No

Todoist Premium:

People per project: 25

Shared team inbox: No

Admin & member roles: No

Team Billing: No

As you can see many of the team features aren't available on either the Free or the Premium versions, meaning they are only available on the business version, so for this comparison, team features don't come into play. However, you can add 5 times as many people to projects in Premium as you can in the Free version of Todoist. How big is your team? How many team members would need access? Or perhaps consider if contractors or freelancers would need access?

For me personally, at the moment, I only have my web developer and co-director using Todoist with me, so I could essentially use the Free version. However, there are limitations to what sort of interaction you can have with your team, take a look at the next section about comments and files and you'll see my point.

5. Comments and Files

In the Premium version, unlike the Free version, you can add comments and files to tasks. I find that I don't use the comments feature for my own tasks, however, using comments in tasks that are shared projects with other team members is super helpful. For instance, I can ask my web developer a question about our site conversion, he can respond in the comments, and I can ask subsequent questions and so on, I can see where we got to in a conversation without needing another app, or set of notes or in fact any brainpower!

I have a similar conclusion to the file upload feature. It's ideal for sending a team member a file without the need for another app like a cloud service or email provider. Overall, if you work with at least one other person you'll most likely find this Premium feature very helpful in terms of efficiency and timesaving.

In Conclusion

In all 5 categories of comparison, Premium Todoist comes out as the winner for me. Todoist Premium comes with many more additional features to the Free version, including productivity trends, Premium themes, automatic backups, adding tasks via email, calendar syncing, templates, and more.

So if you're on the fence as to if Todoist is for you in general, I recommend using the Free version as a trial then upgrading to Premium as soon as you're settled in and check out this Todoist Review too. If you're a Free version user already, what are you waiting for? Get organised with lists that fit your way of working every day for less than 10p per day, with Todoist Premium. How do you get Premium Todoist? Simply go to your user icon, select Settings and click manage plan. Simple.

What's your conclusion? Are you a Free user or a Premium user now? Will you be upgrading, let me know. For more software and technology articles take a look at my 'For Business' page, or ideas for you personally, check out the 'For You' page.

Jen - Tried and Loved Author


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