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Eventim Apollo London Parking, Nearest Tube, And Hotels Near Eventim Apollo.

One of my favorite venues for concerts in London is the Eventim Apollo. I've been lucky enough to see Ed Sheeran, Tracy Chapman, 5ive, Anne Marie, and most recently Shen Yun there. Every time I've travel there, I've tried different routes and modes of transport so I'm going to help you with your next trip to the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo.

Where Is Eventim Apollo?

This live entertainment performance venue, which was originally built as a cinema, is located at 45 Queen Caroline St, London W6 9QH.

Eventim Apollo London Parking

Eventim Apollo London does not have dedicated parking for customers. On their website, they advise you not to drive and take public transport instead. However....

Hammersmith Eventim Apollo Parking Nearby

There are some local parking options if you are willing to walk 5 or 10 minutes to the venue, although don’t forget your brolly with the UK weather being as unpredictable as it is! I got caught out last week in heavy rain on the walk to the Evenim Apollo from a car park, so I didn't quite look as 'fresh and crisp' for the event as I'd hoped ha!

I have used the following 2 parking options before and would recommend:

1. Novotel Hotel London West

Located at 1 Shortlands, London, W6 8DW, an underground car park is open 24 hours with 240 spaces. Costing £3.50 per hour for non-residents (£1.50 for hotel residents), and only a 4-minute, 0.4-mile walk to the Apollo from the car park. There's a barrier to enter and exit, and booking in advance is advised. I used the app YourParkingSpace to book a few days ahead of my event. I drove straight in and the barrier recognised my number plate, and on the way out I pressed the 'open barrier' button on the app, and up it popped a few seconds later. Super simple to use, and I only spent £17.50 (for a 5 hour stay), which is a lot better than when I've paid up to £50 for parking in QParks in the likes of China Town and Leister Square.

2. Livat Car Park

Located on Glenthorne Rd, London W6 0BT, a 24-hour 176-space car park that can be accessed for any amount of time and at the time of writing costs £20 for up to 6 hours. This one's the same distance to the Apollo as the Novotel hotel, but because of the route, takes a little longer to walk, at around 8 minutes.

Other Considerations To Parking Near Eventim Apollo

When I choose to park in London, for me it needs to be worth it as there are additional costs on top of the parking cost:

  • Fuel - I live in Epping in Essex, so that's a 66-mile round trip (if I drive around the 406 and then into central London that's approx. fuel cost of £11.

  • Congestion Charge - £15 per day

  • ULEZ Zone Charge - This doesn't apply to my current vehicle, but if it did, that's £12.50 per day.

  • Time-cost - With the traffic at peak times in Central London, it can sometimes take up to double the original estimated time on the sat-nav to reach my destination. (My Journey with no traffic should take an hour and a half).

Nearest Tube to Hammersmith (Eventim) Apollo

The nearest tube station to the Eventim Apollo is Hammersmith. This is on the Hammersmith & City, Piccadilly and District lines and is wheelchair accessible. Hammersmith tube station is on the opposite side of the road to the Eventim Apollo, a stone's throw away. Exit the station via Queen Caroline Street.

Hammersmith station is in zone 2 on the underground, for me to travel from zone 6 (Epping) to Hammersmith costs £5.60 (peak cost).

Don't forget to add the cost of getting to the station if you use a cab or park at the station for example - For me, that'd be another £10-12.

The tube ride from Epping to Hammersmith stations takes approx 1 hour 15 minutes, so therefore will likely be faster than travelling by car, by how much is on traffic.

At post-show chuck-out times, I'm not a fan of the busy and sweaty tube ride home, so

if I can find reasonably priced parking, personally I'd always prefer to drive, my partner also suffers from a little claustrophobia, triggered by a busy train carriage. Don't get me wrong if I was a more regular visitor to Central London, I'd use public transport considering my emission rate compared to driving.

Hotels Near Hammersmith (Eventim) Apollo

I've not personally stayed very near the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, the closest I've stayed is a hotel overlooking Hyde Park back in the early 2000's! But here are the 2 closest hotels to the Eventim Apollo to get you started:

1. Novotel London West Hotel

A great option if you're driving, as residents get parking discounted at £1.50 per hour. Located at 1 Shortlands, London, W6 8DW, 4-minute walk from the Eventim Apollo. If you stayed on the day I'm writing this post, you're looking at around £217 per night

2. Premier Inn London Hammersmith

On Shepherds Bush Road, W6 7AS. A 5-minute walk will get you to the Eventim Apollo. A great option if you're catching the train as this hotel doesn't have it's own parking facilities. If you stayed on the day I'm writing this post, you're looking at around £123 per night.

What's On At The Eventim Apollo?

At the time of writing, Pentatonix, Razorlight and Penn & Teller are all on the line-up. If you've ever been to the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, you'll know there's not really a bad seat in the house. I love to sit at the front of the Circle if I can, I find you can take in the full production from there and still see the beads of sweat on the performers' brows.

The Eventim Apollo has a huge open bar area too, making it easy to grab your pre-show drinks.

So How Will You Travel To the Eventim Apollo Next?

The cheapest and fastest way has to be on the tube, but for comfort, for me, the car wins hands down. If we're going all out, it's a car journey and staying over, making full a day and night of it! How will you travel next time you head to the Eventim Apollo?

I do hope this post helps you with your next trip to the Apollo.

Jen - Author


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